Amanda Seyfried's New Bangs Will Inspire You To Get Some Fringe For Fall — PHOTOS

Nothing feels like a fresh beginning quite like a new haircut. Amanda Seyfried's new bangs prove just that, giving her the perfect fringe and boho look that practically screams fall. I'm giving Seyfried the award for best bang chop of this season. Subtle, yet rocker chic, her now 'do is proof that one small change can make one big impact.

Like every turn of the season, fall's approach marks a change. The temperature drops, leaves fall, and the world just feels....fuzzier. School starts again, which means it's the ultimate opportunity to try something new. But you don't have to be a student to mark the start of the fall season — anyone can ring in autumn with a new fall haircut! The season usually calls for darker hues, longer layers, and of course, rich, full bangs. Say goodbye to your light highlights, super short bobs, and bleached hues. Say hello to fringe!

Seyfried took this cue and ran — straight to her stylist, of course. Full-bodied and luscious, she showed off her new hair at an event, paired with a pink lip and a black cap-sleeved dress. Classic, yet fun, this look was totally chic. Seyfried has always got that boho chic look down, wherever she goes. And in this case, she didn't disappoint.

Brb, I am dying over this cut! Seriously, it's the perfect mix of cool, relaxed, and chic.

From head to toe, this look screams effortless style.

This may just be my favorite look of hers yet. I'm totally in love with the mid-length, middle part, and subtle bangs. It somehow draws our gaze closer to her beautiful eyes, perfect brows, and blushed up cheeks. Is this giving anyone some inspo for their fall haircut?

I'm definitely hitting up Amanda's stylist to get some tips on how to achieve this gorgeous look. Of course, I won't be able to pull it off quite like she does. But hey, a girl can dream.