Kylie's Orange Brown Lipstick Is Here For Fall

by Jessica Thomas

There's nothing that says fall like jeans, sweaters, dark nail polish and vampy lipstick, and Kylie Jenner wouldn't be her if she didn't come out with some new products to celebrate the change of seasons. At a photo shoot Thursday, Jenner snapped some behind-the-scenes pics of her latest releases, and I was particularly intrigued by the orange brown Kylie lip kit that she provided a brief glimpse of.

In a few Snapchats from her day at a Kylie Cosmetics photo shoot, Jenner was all about her new orange brown shade, which she hasn't release the name of (yet). She posted shots of the color being applied to the models on the set and videos of them posing for the photographer, and it was enough for me to be super excited about this nameless (so far) color. And luckily it'll be here soon — the fall shades will be released Wednesday, Oct. 12.

The orange brown shade is a little more burnt sienna than caramel or brown, and it just screams "fall." It's also different from anything Jenner has done before — it's a little more brown than Ginger, and it's nowhere near as dark as True Brown or Brown Sugar. It's the perfect warm orange brown shade to wear for the entire fall season, if you ask me.

I mean, how gorgeous is that? Here's some behind-the-scenes shots that will show you the color in action.

Gotta love the dog Snapchat filter for looking your best.

How great does this look on different skin tones? Get ready to shop in a few short days, and stay tuned for more updates about Jenner's latest releases.