Kylie Jenner Teases An Orange Brown Lip Kit On Instagram & Fans Are Freaking Out

Say what you want about Kylie Jenner, but you can't deny it: She's a hustling business woman. Kylie Jenner's orange brown lip kit was teased today on her Snapchat and Instagram, and of course, her fans are freaking out. From what we could see on her Snapchats, it's an orange/brown color that's perfect for fall. Dare we say it reminds us of Pumpkin Spice? Have we gone too far?

It seems like every other week, Ms. Jenner is drumming up a new surprise on her Snapchat. So much so that it's been my go-to source for finding out about new colors or updates that she's working on. Between her Snaps of her glorious meals she cooks up in her gigantic kitchen to her outfit shots, to her makeup news, Kylie's feed has become one of my favorites. Mostly because it displays a life that was so different from mine when I was a teen. And that type of open voyeurism into her glamorous life is so interesting.

On Thursday, Jenner posted an image on Instagram and a few videos on Snapchat, showing off a new unnamed orangey brown color, a berry shade named Spice, and a pinky hue named Smile. She also posted some videos of her photoshoot she's doing today with the new colors, and we got a sneak peak of the orange/brown color she's currently working on.

See what I mean about the black and white? Great marketing tool, to be honest.

Complete with the puppy Snapchat filter, of course.

From far away, we can get juuuuust a tiny peek into the two colors.

Thankfully, though, Kylie Cosmetics' Instagram showed off this gorgeous hue. Can we talk about how on-point the rest of her makeup is?

Naturally, Twitter is freaking out, not just about the newest mystery shade, but also about Spice and Smile.

Literally same. Dang, Kylie's taking after her sister Kimmy and breaking the Internet all by herself! We're particularly fond of this new shade—it's chic, it's bold, and it's totally perfect for fall. Bring on the lattes, sweater weather, apple picking, and Kylie's new lip kit.