Who Is Meggy On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? Wes' New Love Seems Like She'll Stick Around

Wes may have witnessed his birth father’s death in the Season 2 finale of How To Get Away With Murder (someone, presumably Frank, shot him with a long-range rifle), but the beginning of Season 3 has him perfectly happy and dating someone! Her name is Meggy (played by Corbin Reid), and she seems far too normal to be with any of the Keating 5. Who is Meggy on How To Get Away With Murder ? It seems like she’s not going anywhere for a while.

Meggy came into our lives in the Season 3 premiere of How To Get Away With Murder, and Wes seems pretty smitten with her. She’s a medical student of some sort (Wes tried to feed her ice cream and she said it looked like body parts, which, what kind of ice cream are you eating?), and her record is pretty clean. Know how we know? Because both Laurel and Wes looked into Meggy’s past to ensure she wasn’t sent by some dastardly entity to attack and kidnap Wes or something. These are the things you must do when you’re associated with Annalise Keating. Anyway, Meggy seems way too nice to be involved with these people. Maybe Wes is with her to prove a point, like he could be normal after everything that’s happened in the past two seasons of the show. But we know better, Wes — you’ll never recover from Rebecca and the incest twins and all that nonsense.


Where do Wes and Meggy go from here? If I were Wes, I would keep her miles, hell, continents away from the Keating 5 and Annalise. Oh, and Frank, who is still on the lam from possibly killing but definitely orchestrating the death of Wes’ dad. Also, can we call her Megan? Or Meg? Anyway, Meggy may be a little too good for Wes, but if I know anything about How To Get Away With Murder, she has a dark secret just like the rest of them.

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