Kendall Jenner Got A New Tattoo In A Unique Place

These days, models aren't nixing tattoos. Cara Delevingne's lion finger tattoo is impossible to hide and it slays. However, one might assume that since it's their job to be photographed in a variety of scenarios, models would be judicious with tattoo placement. Kendall Jenner got a new tattoo and it's tucked away in a super secret place, so much so that she'll never have to worry about covering it up or having it interfere with a themed shoot for a high-end fashion brand! Jenner appears to have gotten the inside of her bottom lip tattooed with the word "Meow."

Go ahead and call her Kendall-Kat!

While Jenner did not post the photo of the new tattoo on her personal Instagram, NYC-based tattoo artist Jon Boy, who works at West 4 tattoo parlor, did. He posted a shot of Jenner looking in a mirror, wearing black gloves, and an off-the-shoulder top, pulling down her bottom lip to expose the delicate new ink.

While it's hard to read the words in the reflection, Jon Boy captioned the image with "MEOW" and that looks like what it says.

UPDATE: According to Allure, the tattoo is real and was present during Jenner's cover shoot for the magazine. Her rep told the publication that the tattoo has since faded, so the photo on Jon Boy's account may have been from awhile ago.

Inner lip tattoos are super intimate, since you have to get really up close and personal to see them. Additionally, lip tattoos aren't always permanent. Because of the chemistry of the mouth and how it heals, lip tattoo ink can fully fade away. Some reports indicate that inner lip tattoos only last for weeks or up to five years.

There it is! You can't really fake a lip tattoo, due to the texture of the mouth. Still, Jenner's tattoo is private and can be semi-permanent. But she can also keep it concealed, so that only the people she wants to see it can get a look at it. It's actually quite a sweet piece of ink. While Jenner is known for her classic, refined style, this tattoo allows her to show a bit of a bad girl edge.

Bustle reached out to Jenner's reps to verify whether or not her lip tattoo is legit.

Images: Jon Boy Tattoo (1)