See Cara Delevingne's Latest Buzzy Tattoo

If you wanted even more proof that Cara Delevingne is as much the rebel of the fashion world as she is the toast of it, look no further than her hands. Cara Delevingne has many tattoosa white tattoo, the word "bacon" on her foot (!!!), and a matching "DD" hip tattoo with model bestie Jourdan Dunn. Now, it appears that Cara Delevingne has a new, bee tattoo on her finger.

Delevingne revealed her latest ink on Instagram (naturally), holding up her insect tat next to the now-staple lion design she got back in 2013. They're both excruciatingly cool, and devoid of color.

There are a few theories as to which type of insect (bee? wasp? some other flying creature?) is now permanently etched on her hand, but it's like a children's book is unfolding on Delevingne's digits!

The shot is bathed in red light and it appears to be a snap of her fingers. In the pic, the lion, with its familiar furry mane and expressive face, which is impressive since all that detail is so vivid while packed into a really small piece of skin real estate, is right there.

Then there is an above-the-knuckle insect on her left hand. The lion lives on her right hand on her index finger. She also has a heart outline on her left pinky finger.

Delevingne didn't offer much information in the way of confirming her ink nor did she namecheck a celeb tattooist in the caption, leaving fans and followers with more than a few questions. One could surmise that it's someone else's finger, since, well, you never know. Celebs do bond over ink... but methinks this is a new finger tattoo for Delevingne.

Delevingne is amassing an adorable collection on her hands. Rihanna is also a fan of hand region tattoos, as evidenced by her extensive hand piece.

And for a little, er, taste of bacon...

Images: Cara Delevingne/Instagram (2)