These Twitter Reactions To Zayn Shaving Off His Beard Prove 1D Fans Are Still Passionate About The Singer

It's no secret that One Direction fans are passionate, and it seems like that passion continues even after the band has taken a hiatus or after a member leaves. That's definitely the case now that Zayn Malik shaved his beard. The internet's response to this former One Direction member's facial hair change may just rival that of fellow band mate Harry Style's chop a few months back. Regardless of the comparison, though, it's easy to tell that fans are split on Malik's facial hair switch-up.

Malik has been in the headlines as of late more for his relationship to model Gigi Hadid than anything else as well as his concert cancellations. Now, however, it's Malik's beard that's seriously making headlines. It has definitely turned the headline tides.

On Thursday, Malik took to his Instagram account to post the photo of his nearly clean shaven face, and the internet lost its mind. While Malik may have gotten rid of this thicker beard, he's definitely still retained a bit of the scruff that fans are accustomed to seeing him with, and hey, it looks like he's also trying to bring back the soul patch. I've got to say, he just might be the man who can do it.

The internet seems to agree, but not everyone is a fan of Malik's new shaved beard it seems.

1. It's So Different

2. And Change Is Hard

3. People Will Adapt

4. Fans Appreciate The Attention

5. Some Don't Love It Though

6. But It's Still A Big Deal

7. And Fans Think There May Be A Motive

No matter why Zayn shaved his head, though, there no doubt that fans are freaking out, and that it looks bomb.