Is Hencha Voigt Dating Anyone? The 'WAGS Miami' Star Is More Than Her Love Life

WAGS spinoff series WAGS Miami follows a group of Miami women who generally meet, date, have children with, and marry athletes. But, not all of the women are currently in relationships during the season, and even though WAGS Miami star Hencha Voigt is single, she's also poised to become a truly exciting reality star. Even in the few trailers and clips that were available before the show's Oct. 2 premiere, Hencha stood out. Not only does her short, natural hair stand out from a sea of super-long beachy waves, she also has the confidence to stand up to the rest of the cast's judgement and preconceptions about what the single ladies are like in contrast to the married ones.

Even though Hencha hasn't been in a serious relationship lately, according to E!, in the past she's been tied to "top" athletes like Glen Davis, from the Boston Celtics, Amar'e Stoudemire from the New York Knicks, and Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins. So, there's no reason why Hencha would be jealous of any of the other women on the show, or covet their relationships. Besides, she's an actor, model, and fitness expert. Basically, Hencha has a lot of other things on her mind besides just romance, and here's a look at what else viewers will learn about her this season.

She's Lived All Over The World

According to a profile from her time as a personal trainer and nutritionist, Hencha was born in New York City, raised in Florida and Haiti, and has spent time in Los Angeles.

She's Best Friends With Metisha

These two, who are both single, will be by one another's side throughout the season. They really seem to care about one another, and their BFF relationship seems far more lasting than any romantic one.

And They're Working On A Business Together

According to E!, Metisha and Hencha will be working on starting a clothing line together this season. Given Hencha's personal style, I would guess that the line will include a lot of bright colors, cutouts, and bodycon.

She's Super Close With Her Mom

Another reason why Hencha can stay grounded without having to worry about being in a serious relationship is that she's surrounded by not just friends, but also family. Her strong relationship with her mom has to be a major reason why she's so stable and confident in herself.

She Is Crazy Fit

As referenced above, she was once a professional personal trainer, so she knows what she's doing.

She Can Stand Up For Herself

In the pilot episode, Metisha and Hencha found themselves the subject of a pretty unsavory conversation about them supposedly being less trustworthy than the ladies in serious relationships because they might want to "steal" their boyfriends. As you can see in the clip above, Hencha was not about to let that go quietly.

Keep watching WAGS Miami for more great Hencha moments.

Image: E! Entertainment