Miley Cyrus Vs. Kim Kardashian: A Celeb Sunburn-Off To Celebrate The First Day Of Spring

Happy first day of Spring, everybody! To celebrate this joyous occasion that marks the return of fun and warm weather, we've decided to bring you a seasonally appropriate celebrity face-off. If you've been following the goings on of one Miss Miley Cyrus, you know that she is currently in Tampa, Fla. because she posted a photo of the bruises on her ass and captioned it, "#fuckyeahtampa yasss that’s a bruise on my arssss." I wish we didn't have to go through Cyrus' butt bruises to get the fact that she's in Tampa, but this is the world we live in. Anyway, Cyrus has posted another Tampa pic and this one looks even more painful. Miley Cyrus got horrible sunburn while in Florida and of course she shared it with the world.

Cyrus' sunburn is pretty epic and reminded us of the current champion of celebrity sunburn, Kim Kardashian. Kardashian once got a sunglasses sunburn so horrific that if you Google "celebrity sunburn," she is the first result. Cyrus loves attention (see: ass bruise photo), so could it be possible that she's angling for Kardashian's number one sunburn spot? Oh yeah. It's very possible.

Let's take a look at the competitors:

Kim Kardashian's sunburn occurred all the way back in 2009 when she was on a trip to Mexico with her family. She wrote on her blog at the time,

I am so sunburned and need help! I’m in Mexico and I was sunbathing when I fell asleep with my huge Prada butterfly sunglasses on and now look at me! I’m going to have to hide from cameras for days.

Now obviously this gives us a lot to work with. She name dropped the brand of her sunglasses, she was in a foreign country, and she admits that she needs to "hide from cameras" while posting multiple photos of herself.

Can you compete with that, Miles?

This is a classic bikini sunburn, but she is quite a bit redder than Kardashian. Cyrus captioned this photo, "Quick change today is gonna be a realllllllllll bitch #fuckyeahtampa." Cyrus gets points for being in Tampa because that opens this up to Florida jokes. Also, it came not long after her butt bruise bragging which adds a certain comic effect.

In the end though, I have to give it to Kim Kardashian. The sunburn is in a funnier place, there's the irony of the photos being posted while she avoiding being photgraphed, and it inspired multiple blog posts. Kim for the win.

Images: Kim Kardashian/Twitter; Miley Cyrus/Twitter