Luke's Diner Might Be Coming To Your Neighborhood

by Emily Lackey

If you’ve always dreamed of being able to enjoy a cup of coffee at Luke’s Diner in the famed Stars Hollow, you are in luck. Well... sorta. In celebration of the upcoming Gilmore Girls four-part revival series coming to Netflix on Nov. 25, the show's official Instagram has announced that a number of diners and coffee shops around the country will be celebrating Luke’s Diner Day, and giving out free coffee in honor of the show’s biggest fans. But, where is Luke’s Diner Day happening? This fun celebration might be coming to a coffee shop near you.

Personally, I have never turned down a cup of coffee in my entire life, and I am not about to start. Especially when Luke’s Diner Day is just days away — it’s happening on Oct. 5 — and especially because that cup of coffee is free. Free, you guys! I don’t think there is anything that I love more than free coffee, unless these diners around the country were playing Gilmore Girls episodes on a wide screen.

Actually, just in case that isn’t possible, I recommend bringing whatever device you need to stream the episodes right then and there. That way, no matter what technological advances are or are not at your nearest location, you’ll be able to watch old Gilmore Girls episodes and sip your free coffee.

Dream of dreams!

Keep in mind that more locations will be added to this day’s celebration (there are going to be 200 locations participating, according to the Gilmore Girls revival Instagram), but, in the meantime, here is the current and up-to-date list:

Fresno, CA: Yellow Mug Coffee

Oakland, CA: Awaken Cafe

Littleton, CO: Solid Grounds Coffee House

Hartford, CT: MetroCafe

Hartford, CT: Peter B's Espresso

Tampa, FL: Felicitous Coffee

Tampa, FL: Blind Tiger Cafe

Cumming, GA: Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee

Baltimore, MD: Charmington's

Ferndale, MI: Chazzano Cafe

Lansing, MI: StrangeMatter Coffee

Detroit, MI: Avalon International Breads

Jackson, MS: Deep South Pops

Rochester, NY: Ugly Duck Coffee

Cleveland, OH: Pour Cleveland

Midwest City, OK: The Underground

Oklahoma City, OK: Cuppies & Joe

Tulsa, OK: 918 Coffee

Portland, OR: Oblique Coffee Roasters

New Cumberland, PA: Brew Cumberland's Best

Memphis, TN: City & State

Memphis, TN: 387 Pantry

Nashville, TN: Sam and Zoe's Cafe

Alexandria, VA: Grounded Coffee Shop

Norfolk, VA: Borjo Coffehouse

Spokane, WA: Indaba Coffee

De Pere, WI: Luna Cafe & Roastery

See you there, Gilmore Girls fans. I’ll be first in line with my extra big cup for coffee.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy