This 'GG' Set Photo Of Luke Reveals A Lot

Is it normal to get weepy over a set photo? You know what, I don't care because Scott Patterson posted the first set photo of Luke Danes in the Gilmore Girls revival and it is everything, you guys. Lovable, dependable Luke has not changed at all. Well... at least, his wardrobe hasn't changed. He is still wearing his standard flannel/T-shirt combo and sporting a bit of scruff on his chin. The best part, though? He is still wearing his blue baseball cap, aka the cap Lorelai gave him for Christmas way back in Season 1 — you may commence squeeing now.

The blue baseball cap has always been significant, especially for Luke and Lorelai fans. Luke wearing the blue hat always felt like a way of saying he loved Lorelai. If he is still wearing that same hat over a decade later, then fans can probably take that as a good sign that Luke's heart still belongs to Lorelai after all this time. They were written in the stars, you know.

Luke is not alone in the picture, which is clearly taken in front of the diner. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is also in the photo, and she and Patterson are having a bit of a hat off. As impressive as Sherman-Palladino's hat is, it is hard to top the blue baseball cap. It wins on nostalgia alone.

If you look closely, you will note the Christmas lights on the diner, a possible sign that this photo was likely taken during filming for the revival's premiere episode "Winter." Those lights could also be another sign that Luke or Lorelai are still together — Luke was never a huge fan of decorating for holidays, but he would do it to make Lorelai happy. Also, that appears to be Lorelai (Lauren Graham) inside the diner, perhaps enjoying a cup of Luke's famous coffee?

As much as I love looking for clues, I am going to turn that part of my brain off for a second and just focus on the eternal dependability of Luke to never change. He is still the gruff, down-to-Earth guy who would do anything for those he loves. His flannel never changes and neither does his heart. Seeing him back in front of the diner wearing his standard Luke uniform makes the revival seem realer, somehow.

It's really happening, people! Luke's diner is still there and so is Luke. Best set picture yet? I think so.

Image: Warner Bros. Television