Thirty Seconds To Mars Has Some News

by Courtney Lindley

Looks like Jared Leto's starring in another movie right now, though this one has nothing to do with bad guys or Harley Quinn... or even Marvel at all. Instead, it's a music documentary that follows Leto's band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. The newly released trailer for Camp Mars: The Concert Film gives us a brief look into a special concert the band put on back in August. Leto directed Camp Mars, which, according to Rolling Stone will cover two nights of performances during the band's three-day "adult summer camp." While the trailer for Camp Mars gives us a sneak peek of the show, it also begs the question: does this mean Thirty Seconds to Mars is back? And, furthermore, does this mean Thirty Seconds to Mars is putting out new music?

In the preview, Leto speaks in a voiceover and explains that he's been coming to the area for "20 years" and had always envisioned a music camp like this. The actor and musician told Rolling Stone "The very first Camp Mars was pure magic. It was insane and amazing and we knew in the first five minutes we would be doing it again. Music, art, nature, friends, food and fun." Along with performances from the band, Camp Mars offered outdoor activities like hiking and yoga. Even if you weren't able to attend the shindig, it looks like this doc's the next best thing. Peep the trailer below.

There's no way to tell what songs the band performed during the concert from just the trailer, but it's possible they threw some new stuff in there. I say that because, according to Rolling Stone, Thirty Seconds to Mars will release their fifth studio album sometime next year. In fact, Leto told NME in August that the band was "getting closer and closer to being finished." The band also dropped a teaser video for what's to come during that same month.

So, yes, to answer the initial question, Thirty Seconds to Mars is putting out some new music and it could be hitting the shelves even before the next Camp Mars makes it way to Malibu (if there is another Camp Mars, that is). Speaking to NME, Leto said the forthcoming album will be "very, very different" from any of their previous stuff. He continued, "I think our last album was maybe a bridge between where we were and where we are now and it's a very, very different album." Better yet, when asked to describe the new music in three words, he said, "It's very sexual."

Camp Mars: The Concert Film will be released on October 9. As for the fifth album, there are no definite dates yet, but Mars is most certainly coming. Get ready.