Shailene Woodley Goes Topless to Ditch Her ABC Family-Friendly Image

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Shailene Woodley needs everyone to forget about The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Ignoring its awful name, the ABC Family teen soap was extremely popular, despite tons of ridiculous plot lines and melodrama. Now that it's finally over, Woodley is making a serious name for herself in Hollywood, fast. Since her Globe nominated performance in 2011's The Descandents, she has starred in the Sundance favorite The Spectacular Now and was cast in highly sought after roles in Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars. With a promising film career ahead of her, Woodley is showing that she's a grown up by showing some skin. Here are a few other actresses and singers who did topless photo shoots to show the world that they are ready to be taken seriously. [Image: Interview]

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