5 Trump Halloween Costumes Guaranteed To Scare

by Abby Johnston

Werewolves, vampires, mummies — sure, those are all pretty frightening. But I think that we can all agree that the scariest thing about Halloween this year is the 2016 election. Like any good horror story, this campaign season has featured mystery (Hillary Clinton's emails comes to mind), surprise (think of every time you've thought, "OMG, did he really say that?"), and suspense (I never thought I would eagerly await polls to come out). And for many, a big part of the true horror of this election is the outspoken Republican candidate. So if you really want to frighten people on Oct. 31 — or at least have an extremely timely get-up — here are five Donald Trump Halloween costume ideas that will make Halloween great again.

I don't know if there has ever been an easier time to pull of a candidate-themed Halloween costume. Trump and Clinton both have unmistakable features that translate well into parody — think Clinton's pantsuits and accent necklaces, or Trump's power ties and orange hue — so if you decide to tackle a presidential outfit, you won't have to spend all night explaining who you are. I'm not sure that would have worked as well for, say, John McCain. So if you're thinking of tackling Trump as a costume, grab a wig and let's get started.

1. Campaign Trail Trump

This is gonna be the best Halloween ever, OK? For a basic Trump look, you'll absolutely need a suit jacket or blazer and a red power tie. To really nail down the candidate, though, you've got to focus up top. Not just any blond wig will do to pull off Trump, but luckily you can buy one directly inspired by his comb-over, and top with the signature "Make America Great Again" hat, though you can get the real thing if you donate to Trump's campaign.

Blazer, $70, Macy's; Red power tie, $6, Amazon; Combover Wig, $14, Candy Apple Costumes; Make America Great Again Hat, $6, New Chic

This outfit is basically the base for all Trump outfits, so start here and add accordingly.

2. Trump Tacos

Taco Costume, $21, Amazon

Strangely enough, tacos have come up several times in Trump's campaign. I'm sure you've heard that Trump Tower makes the best taco bowls, and that if Trump isn't elected to the White House we could have taco trucks on every corner (which I'm still not seeing how that's a bad thing). All you need is your Donald comb-over wig and this taco suit, and you have a delicious Halloween costume.

3. Trump's Wall

I don't think you're going to get Mexico to pay for this one, but you could be Trump's much-talked about wall for Halloween relatively cheaply. Grab a wall-printed item of clothing and a costume hard hat, and you'll come in on time and under budget for Halloween.

Costume Hard Hat, $15, Amazon; BubbleWall, $63, PlanetVandy

4. Basket Of Deplorables

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To capitalize on Clinton's assessment that half of Trump voters belong in a "basket of deplorables," grab the outfit outlined in step one, add in a basket, and a bunch of sheets of paper with "deplorables" written on it. There's probably room to get super political with what could represent said "deplorables," so if you're willing to wade into the fray, use your imagination.

5. Big League

Big League Chew, $28, Amazon

Now that we've cleared up that Trump doesn't actually think "bigly" is a word, you can reference his penchant for inserting "big league" in the middle of sentences with a Big League Chew shirt. Bonus points if you grab some of the actual gum, which was singlehandedly responsible for half of the cavities I've had in my life.

Images: Macy's, Neiman Marcus Last Call, New Chic, Target