11 Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas For 2016

by Alexandra Antonopoulos

We go into the Halloween-costume planning process with the best of intentions, don't we? Every year, we conceptualize our looks far in advance, and vow that this year is the one we make the effort for. You really wanted to go all out, but October arrived, and here you are, contemplating which easy, last-minute Halloween costumes are your best bet for 2016.

Though you once whispered "'Best Costume' is totally going to be mine" while flicking through endless Pinterest inspiration boards, you've now come to terms with the truth: The likelihood you'll follow through with this complicated, award-winning idea decreases in direct proportion to the expense, number of props, and difficulty of makeup applications associated with it. When you're a lady afflicted with the lifelong curse of extreme apathy, it's not easy to make a costume happen when it has lots of moving parts... or, frankly, any moving parts. If you're being honest, you know this is true. This is OK, though — don't abandon hope! You can still pull off a great Halloween costume that requires very little effort. In fact, some of the laziest looks are the ones people envy the most.

Get ready to hear a lot of friends complaining about why they "didn't think of that" when you step onto the scene in one of these 11 lazy looks. Simple, yet effective, and so worth the brief amount of time it takes to put them together.

1. Your Best Friend

Hello! My Name Is Stickers, $2, Amazon

The easiest way to accomplish this one is to raid your BFF's closet. Because lazy gals tend to flock together, chances are your friend won't have a costume planned either. Well, she can be you. Switch favorite outfits and affix "Hello! My name is ___" stickers to your chests. You can even surprise each other with your respective looks... and get in some fun digs, if you think your relationship is strong enough for it. Mock her typical overly-winged eyeliner while she calls out your affinity for hoodies and house shoes. There's no going wrong here.

2. Morning Person

Sharpie, $5, Amazon; White Tee Shirt, $17, WithChic

Maybe you're the first out of bed in your house and you're proud of it. Employ a Sharpie and a white tee shirt for the most integral parts of the costume, but don't forget your latte.

3. A Picnic

Red Dress, $169, Amazon; Basket, $15, Amazon; Plastic Ants, $6, Amazon

If you love gingham, this is your chance to embrace being referred to as a picnic table. Wear your favorite red dress and bring a basket. It's up to you if you want to pack a bottle of wine and a fine cheese, but sticking a trail of plastic ants up your leg is detail that you probably shouldn't overlook.

4. Classic Ghost

Spooky Hanging Ghost, $14, Amazon

The laziest costume might be one of the oldest. It's not exciting, but it's also not tough to throw together, and that's why the sheet ghost will never not be a staple of the lazy girl's Halloween repertoire. You know the drill: You can buy a pre-made costume, or pick your least favorite white sheet, cut two holes for eyes, and head out as the anonymous ghoul you were always meant to be. Do you, babe; do you.

5. Sleepyhead

Have you always dreamt of the day you could wear your PJs to a party but no one you know is hosting anything of the sort? Take control of your Halloween 2016 destiny and tell everyone to deal with it. Prance around in oversized sweats and your significant other's undershirt while everyone is miserable in their uncomfortable thigh-highs and corsets. You'll be getting appropriately sauced, giggling, and ready to get down while the others can only concentrate on keeping their fake lashes glued on. No purchase necessary for this lazy ensemble, unless you want to go in on an adorable lounge-worthy pair of monkey slippers ($8.99,

6. 404 Error — Costume Not Found

Spooky Hanging Ghost, $14, Amazon

Lazy techie sounds like an oxymoron, but they definitely exist. If your goal is to avoid the repetitive "Where's your costume?" conversation starters while rooting out the partygoers most likely to help you rid your Mac of that virus, simply scrawl this 404 error onto the front of a simple white dress ($13, Easy and sure to get some snickers from the ones who get it. Keep your phone on hand for extra techie oomph, but there's no doubt you will.

7. Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Mens Button-Down Dress Shirt, $13, Amazon; Thick White Socks, $10, Amazon; Wayfarers, $120, Amazon

Celebrate the '80s with the Hollywood gods' gift to the lazy lady's costume options: Tom Cruise's iconic Risky Business costume. All you need is a men's button-down dress shirt, a pair of thick white socks, and some sunglasses. We won't hold you to them being Wayfarers, but points for filmic accuracy if they are. You have to slide into every room you enter with this one, though.


For the lazy girl who doesn't catch a chill easily, this NSFW costume is perfect for making a statement. Maybe it's about the censorship of women's bodies, maybe it's just a warning that you are trouble and everyone needs to remember who they're messing with tonight. Either way, this costume is timely and sure to make an impression, without much effort. Print out a sign declaring you "not safe for work" and hang it proudly around your neck. Don a sexy, strappy one-piece swimsuit ($58, and your most daring over-the-knee boots ($50, Don't forget to smash the patriarchy, darling.

9. Bunny

Rabbit Ears and Fluffy Cottontail, $8, Amazon

Be it Playboy or Foo Foo, everybody loves a bunny. Choose to make this costume sexy, silly, or super simple. You need rabbit ears and a fluffy cottontail, but what you wear in between the two is totally up to interpretation. Maybe a '70s-inspired jumpsuit ($75, SexyBitsysBikinis) is all you need to conjure images of that infamous mansion where lots of bunnies used to spend their time?

10. Ladybug

This lovely, lazy ladybug costume can be interpreted a few different ways, but the basics are just a red outfit ($69, and black construction paper. Pick a dress you don't mind gluing dots to, then get to cutting them in different sizes. Go as far as adding black dotted specks to your cheeks as faux freckles. Wings are not necessary for the lazy route, but they could easily be added, if you just have to go all out.

11. Jewel Thief

Mask, $5, Amazon

You can dress down and up at the same time if your lazy ways lead you to choose the jewel thief look. Grab a black-and-white striped top ($36,, a pair of simple black bottoms ($55,, and don't forget your mask. Now, accessorize with every bit of costume jewelry you can find. A burglar would never leave their mark empty handed, now would they?

Images: Alexandra Antonopoulos/ Polyvore (11)