The 'Hamilton' Doc Has Some Surprising Guest Stars

PBS is taking you inside the room where it happened in more ways than one in its upcoming Hamilton documentary. The official trailer for Hamilton's America has arrived, and it is guaranteed to get your blood pumping just as much as listening to "My Shot" on your workout playlist. The documentary is taking a deep dive into the creative genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda and how he drew inspiration from Founding Father Alexander Hamilton to create his smash hit musical. To make things even more interesting (as if that were possible), the Hamilton documentary will have some surprising guest stars on hand to speak about Miranda and Hamilton as well.

Among the guests who appear in the trailer are former President George W. Bush, Jimmy Fallon, and Questlove. Each of these very different, yet all influential people, appear to have nothing but admiration for what Miranda accomplished when he brought Hamilton back into the American history conversation. "He was a brilliant man, a daring man who had a vision," former President Bush says of Hamilton.

Unsurprisingly, the trailer's most gratifying moments come from Miranda himself. Hamilton's America appears to be telling the dual narratives of Miranda's journey to tell Hamilton's story and the amazing truth behind Hamilton the man. The balance the trailer strikes between the two will make you wish you could magically transport yourself to the future so you could watch the documentary immediately.

If you have been craving insight into how Miranda found inspiration in Hamilton's life, then Hamilton's America is the special you have been dreaming about. "I feel like Hamilton reached out of history and wouldn't let me go until I told his story," Miranda says in one clip. In another, he sits in front of Hamilton's actual desk with a look of awe as he asks if he can touch it (the answer is no, sadly). The connection between Miranda and Hamilton feels like it stretches across time the way Miranda talks about the man who became his muse.

The coolest guest star by far is the one who got the very first taste of what would become Hamilton the musical: President Barack Obama. Yes, the president will appear in the special, and it looks like PBS managed to film a sit down chat between Miranda and President Obama as they discussed how far-fetched Miranda's idea sounded in the beginning. Of course, that was before Hamilton became possible the biggest thing to ever happen to Broadway.

Whether it is the musical or the man that fascinates you, Hamilton's America is going to be a must see event. History has never looked quite so cool before. Hamilton's America premieres Oct. 21 on PBS.