Emily Blunt & John Krasinksi Are Collaborating

by Jordana Lipsitz

We already know that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are an adorable and loving couple, the sweetest of parents, and talented at both acting and directing. But it turns out that they'll soon have another impressive title: collaborators. Recently, Krasinski announced via his Instagram that Blunt will be performing in a table read of Good Will Hunting that he's directing. The production will go down in New York City on Oct. 7 through the organization Live Read NY, and Krasinski will be releasing the cast list over the course of the week via his Twitter account, so fans can find out who'll be starring alongside Blunt.

Krasinski is from Boston, so directing an adaptation of the 1997 Bostonian love letter and cinema classic seems like a perfect fit. It's sweet that he's choosing to bring someone he loves on board — his wife of six years, Blunt. These two have never worked together professionally before, so it will be fun to see what sort of job they do as collaborators. Clearly, they're already #couplegoals, and perhaps their ability to successfully work together in both a personal and professional way will make them even more of an envy-inducing pair.

And if you've somehow missed out on Good Will Hunting, the classic film that skyrocketed Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to fame, know that the story is drama-heavy, which goes hand in hand with Krasinski's recent work as the director and star of The Hollars, a story about a dysfunctional family dealing with the matriarch's brain tumor. In Good Will Hunting, the titular character Will has a genius I.Q. but works as a janitor at MIT. After Will's brilliance is discovered, a professor and therapist both work to help him use his skills in meaningful ways.

Blunt will be reading the role of Skylar, Will's sassy and super smart (she's a Harvard grad going to Stanford for medical school) British love interest, played by Minnie Driver in the movie version. Is there a single human better suited for the role (after Driver, of course) than Blunt? She's clearly a great choice.

Congratulations are definitely in order for Krasinski and Blunt, who are not only one of cutest celeb couples of all time but also impressive collaborators. Three cheers for this adorable fam.

Images: johnkrasinski /Instagram, Giphy