Bruce's Clone Has Mysterious Motives On 'Gotham'

by Kayla Hawkins

Bruce Wayne's identical, possible clone was revealed to Gotham audiences back in the Season 2 finale, when he escaped from the bus of Indian Hill experiments and profoundly thanked the woman who set him free as though he'd never even been outside before. And after getting into his twin's good graces, Bruce's doppleganger went after Selina on Gotham, convincing her to drive off with him by pretending to be the real Bruce. This is incredibly suspicious for several reasons, and points to possibly another mystery brewing in Season 3 — as if there weren't enough already.

First of all, before he went after the real Bruce and was welcomed into Wayne Manor by the tiny billionaire and Alfred, Dopple-Bruce (whose only identifying name is a number) was following Selina around on the rooftops where she tends to pigeons. This suggests that perhaps it's Selina, not Bruce, who is the copy's real target. Then, there's the fact that he pretended to be the real Bruce, rather than reveal his identity, including a haircut that's going to make it a lot harder to tell the two apart. Of course, you could always punch them both in the face and see what happens. Only one Bruce Wayne has super quick reflexes and seemingly can't feel pain.

So far Bruce's double is less than trustworthy. Of course, Strange and possibly the masked woman giving him orders are to blame for this, but that doesn't make the clone any less suspicious. However, there is one thing that's bugging me about this. Since the kid's only name is a number, presumably he's one of a sequence of some kind, which means Strange either turned him from another kid into Bruce, or was working on cloning Bruce for years.

If the group that seems to be the Court of Owls had a clone of Bruce Wayne in their possession, why would they hesitate to kill the real one? By the time Bruce met with the masked woman in order to offer her his company and silence in exchange for his life, it's possible she thought the clone was lost forever. But now that he's revealed to be very much alive, I think his ultimate allegiance could have some big consequences for Gotham.

Image: Jeff Neumann/FOX