Here's How Kim Kardashian Was Robbed In Her Hotel

by Michelle Lulic

Being one of the most famous women in the world usually means having your fair share of protection. However, on Sunday, October 2, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint while staying at a Paris hotel for Fashion Week. According to her spokesperson, she is "badly shaken but physically unharmed." After such a horrifying event, there's only one question on my mind: how was Kardashian robbed in the first place? Allegedly, the thieves got through any of the security in place by disguising themselves as police officers, which implies that their $10 million heist was a pre-planned offense.

Kardashian's spokesperson revealed that, "two armed masked men dressed as police officers," were the ones who first entered the KUWTK star's apartment. However, around 2:30 a.m., a larger team of thieves first began to execute the robbery. Associated Press reports that five men entered the building and allegedly made their way to the concierge. They then reportedly handcuffed him and held him at gunpoint until they found their way to the room where Kardashian was staying. There, two robbers were allegedly able to tie up Kardashian, lock her in the bathroom, and steal her $6.7 million jewelry box and a $4.5 million ring, before reportedly getting away on bike.


While police are still investigating the robbery, Us Weekly reports that "officials believe the crime was committed by a 'highly organized' gang who had done a great deal of planning before the raid." Sadly, this isn't the first time that Kardashian has been attacked during her week-long stay in Paris; infamous harasser Vitalii Sediuk tried to kiss the star's behind during her stay as well.

However, the city is determined to not let these incidents affect any of Kardashian's future travel decisions. The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, addressed the events on Twitter: "This very rare act occurred in a private space and does not in any way call into question the work of the police and the security of the public space."