6 Too-Cute Hacks To Upgrade Your Glass Of Bubbly

It's easy to browse a favorite blogger's feed and wonder how they can possibly lead such a photogenic life. How do they pose their avocado toast so perfectly next to a pristine latte on a white marble table and snap the perfect shot all before the coffee goes cold? And how is there always a white marble table around? So many questions! Fortunately, getting your own life in Insta-ready shape is a lot more doable than you'd think. To prove it, we tapped six of the most swoon-worthy lifestyle bloggers in the game to show us how they effortlessly dress up a simple glass of bubbly.

In partnership with Barefoot Bubbly, each woman chose a flavor that spoke to all of her foodie DIY dreams. Playing with Barefoot Bubbly's Berry, Peach, Pineapple, and Orange sparkling wines, the inspo started flowing right away. After all, these bright flavors basically scream festive — and a little ornamentation makes them seriously next level, whether you're entertaining friends or treating yourself. Not only is putting a crafty spin on your cocktail fun, but it makes the whole experience a little more special (not to mention undeniably 'grammable). These six tips are all totally customizable, and will have you sipping like a style star before you can even say "pop."

1. A Tropical Sugar Rim

Featuring Barefoot Bubbly Pineapple .

Playing with the rim of your glass can open up a whole world of possibilities (and give you a little something extra in every sip). Remi Ishizuka used toasted coconut to compliment Pineapple Bubbly, and topped it off with fresh pineapple, passion fruit and finger limes. You can almost hear those crystal blue waves crashing.

2. A Bubbly Float

Featuring Barefoot Bubbly Peach .

Olia Majd of Love, Olia proves that floats can be totally sophisticated. These fruit sorbet Peach Bubbly glasses are the perfect treat for girls' night, or even a light dessert at your next dinner party. Scoop, pour, done. And the flavor combo possibilities are limitless.

3. A Frozen Fruity Skewer

Featuring Barefoot Bubbly Berry .

Krystal of A Pinch Of Lovely might have cracked the code to the perfect bubbly hack. Not only do her frozen berry skewers totally compliment the Berry Bubbly, but they keep the drink nice and cold — from the first sip to the last.

4. Pretty Petals

Featuring Barefoot Bubbly Peach .

Nothing says photo-worthy like edible petals. Kimberly Genevieve topped her Peach Bubbly with fresh peach slices and pretty petals that really pop. Whimsical perfection has never been so easy.

5. Seasonal Herb Sprigs + Citrus

Featuring Barefoot Bubbly Orange .

Leah Bergman of Freutcake went the ultra classy route here, and we love it. Woodsy, fragrant rosemary and fresh frozen tangerine segments take a glass of Orange Bubbly from divinely refreshing to seriously noteworthy. Serve these at any holiday party to really impress.

6. A Pop Of Fresh Fruit

Featuring Barefoot Bubbly Pineapple .

Sometimes less is truly more, as Style Charade's Jenn proves with a simple garnish of fresh pineapple. Pineapple print dress optional, but highly recommended.

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