Will 'Dungeons and Dragons' Become a 'Community' Trilogy?

Much of Season 5 of Community has recalled previous episodes of Community: the dystopian world that resulted from a simple game in "Geothermal Escapism" was not unlike "A Fistful of Paintballs," and the cold business savvy of "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing" was much like the setup in "Contemporary American Poultry." Thursday's episode retread familiar territory even more: the study group once again plays Dungeons and Dragons to help repair human relationships. It's Community, so of course they purposely call attention to the fact that, yes, this has already been done. What's more is that this episode is much more in the tradition of a classic Community spoof episode, since there are several recalls to the Lord of the Rings film trilogy (The title card! The Necromancer! The song that David Cross sung that sounded like Elvish!). So will Community do it?

Well, that all depends if the show gets renewed for another season, and right now, the show's chances are not looking good. But we can imagine what a "Dungeons and Dragons"/Lord of the Rings-style trilogy would look like on Community...

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons/The Fellowship of the Ring

The premise is set, and we meet all of the characters. Evil is introduced, in the form of Draconis the Dragon. A member of the group becomes corrupt (*cough* Pierce Hawthorne *cough*) and eventually dies. Nonetheless, the group continues onward, although Neil forges his own journey, standing in the background doing other things.

Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons/The Two Towers

The groups split up, and battle is waged. Many good soldiers lose their life in battle, but the journey destroy the Necromancer must continue. The Necromancer is not defeated, but the gang retains their sanity and their friendship.

Advanced Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons/The Return of the King

Will Neil return to help win the final battle? Will the study group defeat the Necromancer? Is life but a pointless game of Dungeons and Dragons that we cannot stop playing? Stay tuned!

Image: NBC