Taylor Spellman Is Bravo's New Staging Star

I’m a sucker for any home improvement-related shows. It doesn’t matter what channel they’re on — if there is real estate involved, I’m popping some popcorn and tuning in. Bravo’s new show Yours, Mine, Or Ours follows Reza Farahan and Taylor Spellman around as they try to convince couples to buy a new home together or fix up one of their existing homes, respectively. Now, I know Farahan from his many crying fits on Shahs Of Sunset (I love that guy), but I’m not as familiar with his co-star. Who is Taylor Spellman of Yours, Mine, Or Ours , and why did Bravo decide to pair these two together?

According to her Bravo.com profile, Spellman is a “skilled interior designer and staging expert,” and she’s no stranger to Bravo. She works frequently with Ryan Serhant from Million Dollar Listing: New York to stage apartments for him that will sell. Her bio states that “an average day for Spellman involves upwards of $30 million worth of real estate under her direction,” so suffice it to say that Spellman is a heavy-hitter in the interior design world. She has her own firm, TAYLOR SPELLMAN New York, and her bold style (and “penchant for witty banter”) definitely always stands out.

Spellman seems like the perfect foil for Farahan, and I think that the clients on the show will have a hard time choosing between buying and remodeling. Spellman’s website is chock full of apartments that she’s staged and designed, so let’s see just what Farahan is up against on the show (I think my money is on Spellman).

The White Loft

I love that this open, lofted space has both traditional and bohemian touches but still maintains the industrial loft style that the designers started with. And how pretty is it that everything is white? And so clean! I would spill red wine everywhere.

Purple Reigns

Purple is not necessarily a color that I would choose to decorate a whole room with, but I admire Spellman for listening to her client and going bold. She definitely doesn’t seem like a wallflower, that’s for sure.

The Contemporary Library

The only thing I want in my life is a comfortable library (I watched Beauty And The Beast too often as a kid), and this place fits the bill. I like how the whole thing is pretty traditional, and then the winged chairs bring it into the 21st century.

The Bright Red Bedroom

Sex and the City's Mr. Big must have painted his room the wrong shade of red, because I love this bedroom. It’s fiery and bold, much like how I picture Spellman to be.

I think that Reza Farahan and Spellman are going to have quite the time together on television — judging by Spellman’s ability to rework a space, I don’t think that the clients on Yours, Mine, Or Ours will automatically adopt buying a whole new home. Spellman certainly has interior design talent, and she's going to come to play.

Images: Mark Hill/Bravo