What Fall Date To Go On, Based On Your Sign

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Fall is the perfect time to fall in love. Magic is in the air, decadence is in the scenery, and adventure is in our spirits. Our primitive instincts urge us to hunt for a partner and gather them in our home for the winter. We want someone to bunker-down with; it's in our nature. And it doesn't hurt that there's so much fun stuff to do in the fall. It's the best time to be outside and enjoying the weather. The only thing that would make fall even more enjoyable is having someone to spend it with. And with so many options for what to do on the perfect fall date, it might even feel overwhelming. How could you possibly pick?

That said, if you've been dying to get out there and experience all that fall has to offer but have been immobilized with indecision, here's a suggestion: refer to your zodiac sign, and let the universe tell you what activity you'll enjoy. Yes, look to the stars for your fall destiny! Where will it lead you? These are the best fall date options, as suggested by your astrological sign. Feel free to cross-reference your partner's sign for optimal targeted fun.


You love to stay busy and use your hands. Take your partner apple picking and then get some ingredients to make a pie together. The mix of talking and getting down and dirty in the kitchen will keep you occupied, and make for a super romantic date.


You love the water, and even though it's no longer swim season, it's a great time to head to a beach town for some off-season hanging. Wear a sweater, pack a picnic, and take your boo to the beach. You'll be happy to be near the water, and your date will love the intimate vibe of the empty beach.


You're pretty competitive and can easily get into sports. Take your partner to a football game. You can tailgate beforehand and then spend the afternoon talking and cheering and enjoying the game.


You're pretty down to earth — you're not all about the big fall crowds and excitement. You like to keep things low-key, which is exactly why you should take your partner out for a hike. Find a local trail, pack a bag with some snacks, and spend the day out in the wild.


You're a social person. You like to be around people and you like to entertain. Why don't you host a couples dinner party and invite over your partner and another couple or two? You can cook, or do potluck with a fall theme. It's more romantic than a party and more laid-back than a date. It's perfect for you.


You're a sensitive person, and while you love the fall, you're worried the winter is really going to bring you down. Grab your partner and head to a local park for an all-day picnic party. Enjoy the outside and the sun as long as you possibly can. Listen to music, eat, drink, be merry. Soak up those last non-freezing rays.


You're confident and you like attention, and it's a great thing. Talk to your partner about teaming up to do a joint Halloween costume. You'll love the planning process, and you'll look forward to getting to debut your costumes on Halloween. It will really make your relationship next level.


You're a hard worker — you love order and organization, but it's hard for you to loosen-up sometimes. Shake things up and find a corn maze for you and your partner to get lost in. You'll have to surrender your natural tendencies for a little bit of of messy fun, but it will be worth it in the end.


You like pretty things — who can blame you? Get dressed up in your fall's best and take your partner to a museum. Walk around all afternoon soaking in the art and then make a reservation for some late lunch if the museum has an outdoor cafe. You'll have tons to talk about and a lot to take in.


You are bold and confident and highly emotionally intelligent. Put all of that to the test by making a horror movie playlist with your partner and binge-scaring yourself into November. You know it's all smoke and mirrors, but can you sleep at night? There's nothing more romantic than having someone to hold close at night.


You're very adventurous and don't get overwhelmed easily. Head to the pumpkin patch and have a whole day with your partner. Pick a pumpkin, eat some donuts, drink some cider, go home, and carve a masterfully spooky creation together.


You've very grounded, and you actually have fun when you're working hard. Plan a bike trip with your partner. Pick a destination that's reasonably far away and ride your bikes there together. It will be difficult but rewarding, and a great bonding experience. You'll love the feeling of getting out and going.

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