The NYX <3's LA Collection Is Super Affordable

NYX cosmetics has always been home to some of our favorite beauty products at insanely affordable prices, and their newest product is no exception. The NYX <3's LA eyeshadow collection, which is part of the brand's holiday 2016 collection, has a dozen California-cool velvety shadow shades that won't break the bank. This, of course, is great news considering you're going to want a lip cream vault or two (which are also shockingly affordable) to your cart before checkout.

The NYX <3's LA Eyeshadow collection only costs $25(!) and has 12 different shades of eyeshadow, which means you'll be getting some of the season's hottest colors for a little more than $2 a pop. Considering a single standing NYX shadow retails for $4.50, you're scoring a pretty sweet deal when you buy the set. With 12 different options to work with, the possibilities are literally endless, so you could create a new look every day for the next 479,001,600 days (seriously, I did the math).

The names of the shadows are all inspired by the Cali locales that New Yorkers (like me) often dream about when they're trying to hail a cab in the rain in the middle of February, such as "Pasadena," "Santa Monica" and "Malibu." The kit's colors range from natural nudes to electric brights, and pretty much everything in between.

This is the third California-inspired palette NYX has launched, but it's a bit different than the previous ones: Instead of being a "palette" in the traditional sense, NYX <3's LA is packaged as more of an eyeshadow "book," which means that each shade is packaged individually so you can pick and choose which ones to throw in your makeup bag without having to lug around 25 eyeshadows all at once. Plus, when you put them together, they create a panoramic illustration of the Los Angeles skyline (which, unlike the New York skyline I see every morning, has actual trees and mountains in it).

The collection brings together shades that represent all of LA's legendary neighborhoods, and can be used to add a playful pop to any look with an ultra-bold tone like hot pink or gunmetal.

Can you say, California love?

According to NYX Cosmetics representatives, the collection will be available to shop on NYX's website and this week. Stay tuned!

Images: NYXCosmetics/Instagram; Courtesy of NYX