You Need To See ColourPop Ultra-Glitter Eyeshadows

When done correctly, glitter can be grown up. Stay with me on this one, please. ColourPop is launching Ultra-Glitter eyeshadows on Thursday, Oct. 6. Go ahead and make a reminder in your iPhone, since it's a debut you do not want to miss. The brand, known for its trendy, quality, and insanely affordable products, confirmed that it is hitting on a major fall trend with this new eyeshadow finish. Seriously. What do you need to know about ColourPop's latest innovation and eyeshadow offering? Trust me, there is more than meets the eye with these shadows. No pun!

I know that we often labor under the illusion that glittery makeup is reserved for teenagers and that wearing eyeshadow with glitter is generally a no-no, since it can be messy, can settle into even the finest of lines, and is just generally... young. Glittery makeup is usually better suited for the club or the party than the office or the classroom.

However, judging from the Snapchats, in which ColourPop gurus Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn revealed and swatched the shades and generally gushed over their awesomeness, the ColourPop Ultra-Glitter shadows are anything but average or typical.

Here's why the new ColourPop eyeshadow finish is so different. As Sharon and Jordynn stated, the Ultra-Glitters have a wet look when applied.

I agree. They do have that glossy vibe. When swatched, as they are against fair skin in this particular Snap, the Ultra-Glitters look like a sparkly wash of color. The glitter is an enhancement to the texture; it's not overbearing.

Here's another look at the swatches. They shimmer and shine. I don't look at them and go, "OMGlitter!" The finish is obviously sparkly, but not in that disco ball way that sometimes happens with glitter.

You can see the Ultra-Glitters in their containers. The pigment remains rich, enhanced by glitter. That's a winning combo. The sparkle is balanced by the pigment and that's what makes ColourPop Ultra-Glitter shadow a winner. It's eye fashion.

Images: ColourPop/Snapchat (3)