Kylie Jenner's Blonde Hair May Only Be Temporary

Kylie Jenner shocked the internet when she dyed her blonde only a few weeks ago. Now, however, it seems that Jenner is admitting to fans that the silver blonde locks may only be temporary. In a live stream on her app, fans learned that Kylie Jenner as a redhead might be happening in our future. That's right, the now gorgeously blonde reality star and cosmetics mogul may just be going red for a while before going back to her naturally dark locks.

Jenner contemplating switching up her hair again isn't exactly shocking, but her potential decision to color her hair actually is. Jenner is known far more for her wigs than her actual color jobs. In fact, Jenner has admitted via Snapchat that she spent a year preparing her hair for her current silver blonde. Plus, it makes sense that Jenner may want to switch up her blonde since it wasn't the color she aimed for — even if she loves it now.

Instead of attempting for the honey blonde she desired, Jenner now seems to want to go red. Jenner has only ever been red once before, during her birthday celebration in Turks and Caicos, and that shock of red was definitely short-lived. The vibrant hue was definitely statement-making, but there's no telling what she may choose next.

The iterations of red are practically endless, and if I had to guess, she's not going to go with the same red as before. Whether it's a burgundy hue or a red-orange, Jenner will probably rock a shade we've never seen before.

Considering that she's been nearly every color in the book, that may be slightly hard to do, but let's be honest — when it comes to hair color, Jenner is a chameleon, and I doubt it's going to stop at red.

While she hasn't gone red yet, I foresee it happening soon. You know how Kylie is — she never sticks to one color longer than a month or two!