Hot Photos Of Young Tim Kaine Will Snap You Out Of Your Bad Election Mood — PHOTOS

Look, I know what you're thinking: "Tim Kaine? He looks like the Precious Moments figurine my mom puts on the back of the tree at Christmas!" Or, "Tim Kaine? He looks like he'd carry a harmonica around and do some clumsy improv during Martin O'Malley's Irish band's gig." Both of these things are true. But, if you're sleeping on the harsh reality that Tim Kaine was a stone-cold fox in his youth, it's time for you to wake up. Now, Kaine circa the '70s and '80s may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're into the farmer's market hot archetype — e.g. the shop-local, sexy dad who supports and befriends his local beekeeper, and appreciates a good house succulent-sort of dude — you might want to brace yourself. For those who find those images making them weak in the knees, he was straight-up swoon-worthy.

And, look, to be clear: It's completely reductive to judge a politician based on their looks. One hundred percent, that is true. But, I'm not doing that, I'm just pointing out that this particularly aesthetically pleasing era happened. It certainly doesn't alter the fact that, comparatively, he's significantly less horrifying than Mike Pence's ghoulish anti-woman and anti-LGBT stances nor does it negate the fact that he could #DoBetter when it comes to women's issues himself (I see you and your Hyde Amendment stance, pal.) We can disrupt the realities of politics to have a little fun; we can contain multitudes.

However, as the leaves fall to the ground and your sweaters make their way out of storage, I can promise you that these pictures of young Tim Kaine (many with accompanying head-canons from Twitter's finest) that are super likely to warm your heart.

First of all, Young Kaine would treat. you. right.

Secondly, he has that archetypal, ex-boyfriend (but #StillWould) appeal.

He could hang for those of you into the clean-cut, literary types too.

And, if you have a sweet spot for dudes and their spawn, you're a total goner.

While the election cycle can be a cold and miserable time, particularly during some cringe-worthy debates, that tries your spirit and chips away at your soul, you only need to take a tiny look into the past to feel a whole lot cozier.

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