Hillary Clinton's Reaction To The Vice Presidential Debate Focuses On Some Key Quotes From Tim Kaine

The first vice presidential debate was a far more combative affair than many observers expected going in, with some testy back-and-forths, near-constant interruptions, and accusations of "insult-driven" campaigns. It was enough of a contentious brouhaha, in other words, that you could tell the top of the Democratic tickets would probably weigh in ― if you're curious what Hillary Clinton thinks of the vice presidential debate, you only need to take a glance at her Twitter timeline.

It's worth noting that unless a tweet from Clinton's campaign is actually signed with an "H," then it ostensibly isn't actually sent by her, but by her campaign staff. That said, however, what goes out on her timeline are comments that she bears responsibility for.

And throughout the course of the debate, the tweets that went out from her account were entirely on-message with the values and arguments she's been making. Here are the tweets that went out from Hillary Clinton's account while Tim Kaine and Mike Pence were clashing in Farmville, Virginia ― suffice to say, both campaigns probably had moments to feel positive about tonight.

Over At Clinton HQ...

Not a bad vice presidential debate tweetstorm, as tweetstorms go. Also, if you're looking for a sentiment directly from Clinton herself, she tweeted in the run-up to the debate, offering her encouragement in advance of the high-profile clash.

As for how Clinton will react on the campaign trail, that remains to be seen. If there was a defining, clear strategy on Kaine's part, it was to lay as many rhetorical bear-traps on the ground as he could, and to let Pence decide whether to step into them or avoid them altogether. And although Pence took a fairly passive approach (he notably failed to defend his running mate from a number of pointed attacks), there were definitely some moments that are likely to make their way into the campaign's talking points.

Kaine's areas of focus may have signaled what issues the Clinton team feels strongest on, too ― taxes and nuclear proliferation in particular. In short, it'll be fascinating to see what track the respective campaigns take going forward.