When To Buy Quay's Harper Cat Eye Sunglasses Because These Retro Shades Are Everything — PHOTO

Aussie sunglasses brand Quay really and truly knows how to tempt me with its wares. Quay, which is actually pronounced "key," offers affordable, on-trend sunnies in tons of shapes, sizes, and colors and counts Kylie Jenner as a fan. Quay's new Harper cat eye sunglasses look vintage, thanks to their shape. But these retro frames also come in both a matte black and a clear finish, giving them a modern vibe, as well. They are pretty much perfection and I want them on my face ASAP. When can you buy Quay's Harper cat eye sunnies?

This accessories-driven, #ByeMoney moment is coming sooner than you think, all you sunglasses fiends! The Quay Harper shades are available for U.S. customers as of Wednesday, Oct. 5 via the Quay Australia site, per the Instagram post on the brand's official feed. The exact time is TBA. As always, Quay shades are available through the brand's website.

Observe the Harper shades in two different hues below. These frames are on point... literally. Check out that extreme point on the outer edges of the frames. If you hurled these sunglasses across the room, they could be considered a weapon or cause some damage, due to those sharp corners. But they are absolutely gorgeous.

The fact that Quay shades are usually around $60 and below further sweetens my feelings towards this brand.

If you are like me and can't get enough of Quay's offerings, the brand also teased the upcoming Super Girl frames, which are akin to the way popular My Girl style. The Super Girls are also similar to the Harpers in that they look retro yet current at once.

Quay actually several cat eye styles. Take my money, Quay. TAKE IT!

It's actually been quite a busy fall for Quay with new shapes and styles, as the Quay x Desi Perkins High Key sunglasses came back for a currently sold-out encore. Maybe Quay will resurrect its collabo with vlogger Chrisspy, which also sold out on the quick during the summer. I grabbed a pair from that partnership when it launched and I love the oversized frames, the mirrored lenses, and the fact that I can see out but you can't see in.

Images: Quay Australia/Instagram (3)