Benedict Cumberbatch & Marvel Team Up For A Charity, So Here's How To Get Involved

Doctor Strange might not be a clear-cut hero, but the man who plays him is. On Wednesday, Benedict Cumberbatch announced the charity Marvel Studios: Hero Acts. The initiative created by the superhero movie studio aims to support children globally. In Cumberbatch's video announcing the photo-based initiative, he described Hero Acts as "focused on bringing help and hope to kids around the world." He also mentioned that filming Doctor Strange, the Cumberbatch-starring Marvel movie that will be released Nov. 4, in Nepal and other countries inspired the Marvel team to help the struggling children (and superhero fans) they met. So how can you participate?

The money the initiative raises will go to the charity Save the Children, which will provide learning materials to children in Nepal, Haiti, and the United States. Save the Children, for those who aren't aware, is an international charity that has been supporting children since 1919, though Marvel's announcement makes it clear that their partnership is just the beginning for Hero Acts.

"Whether visiting children in hospitals, granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses, or inspiring kids and families through our content," the release reads, "Marvel Studios: Hero Acts builds on the tradition of lending a hand to children in times of need."

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If you are interested in contributing to Marvel's cause, it's easier and more than you might think. For every fan who posts a picture in the pose of her favorite hero, Marvel Studios will donate $5 to Save the Children, up to $1 million from now until the end of the year. Fans can upload their photo to, add custom superhero overlays, and share their creations on the site and on social media, tagged #marvelstudios #heroacts.

Lots of people are already sharing their photos, and the charity raised thousands of dollars hours after its initial launch. If you are interested in supporting Save the Children further, they are currently seeking donations for those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Or you can set up a monthly donation and learn more about the organization here. Hopefully, the initiative will raise its million before Jan. 1, which doesn't seem like an impossible goal. Benedict Cumberbatch is about as good an advocate as you can get.