Is Makeup Geek's Sparkler Variety Pack Worth It? The Brand Is Offering A Serious, Glittery Steal

One of fall's biggest trends is glitter. Yes, glitter. When done right, like ColourPop's Ultra-Glitter eyeshadows, sparkly makeup can be totally stunning, age-appropriate, and your face won't look like a grade school arts and crafts project. Makeup Geek's Sparkler Variety Pack V3 is a collection comprised of "loose, reflective particles that create a glitter-like effect." According to the product description on the brand's website, you can apply Sparklers with an eye-safe adhesive. You can use a little or a lot, depending on the desired effect. Is the Makeup Geek Sparkler Variety Pack V3 worth it?

It is and here's exactly why! While it's true that glitter is a fun beauty trend right now, glitter looks are also on the horizon for the Halloween season and beyond.

The Makeup Geek Sparkler Variety Pack features 10 curated shades for $55. That shakes out savings of $45 and to $5.50 per Sparkler shade. The Makeup Geek Sparklers are $10 a la carte, so do the math! You're getting the Sparklers at a little more than half price.

If you like to do wild, crazy, and awesome makeup looks or if you and your BFFs go all out for the Halloween, costume, and holiday seasons, then this set is a total deal and a steal. You would be wise to scoop up the Makeup Geek Sparkler Variety Pack, since the brand even notes in the Insta caption that this price won't last.

While the price has nowhere to go but up, see the shades below!

You can create so many fun looks! You can even customize eye looks with the pigments. It doesn't need to be a club-ready style, either. You can get creative. That's what makes it makeup artistry!

As Makeup Geek notes, the Variety Pack isn't a complete set of the entire Sparklers range. It is, however, a selection that you can totally play with.

The color names and descriptions are as follows: Solar Flare (medium coppery melon), Milky Way (medium rainbow silver), Solstice (silvery mint green), Dark Matter (gold-specked dark charcoal), Nebula (medium amethyst purple), Zodiac (pink-specked iris purple), Supernova (bright chartreuse green), Martian (teal ivy green), Aurora (soft lavender gray), and Stargazer (light champagne white).

It's a rainbow of sparkly makeup options for Halloween, holidays, and beyond. At that price, it's also a deep discount. Get that sparkle!

Images: Makeup Geek/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Makeup Geek (1)