Lin-Manuel Miranda Rapping About 'Harry Potter' Is Actual Muggle Magic — VIDEO

If you didn't short circuit during the verbal car crash that was Tuesday night's vice presidential debate, the universe has benevolently rewarded you with this video of Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping about Harry Potter . Hold onto your nerdy britches, everyone, because we are all about to achieve Peak Fandom.

The iconic writer, actor, and Hamilton creator sat down on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Oct. 3 for the second time, and was yet again challenged to Fallon's "Freestyle Generator". In the game, Lin-Manuel Miranda is given three random words that he has never seen before and approximately .08 seconds to think before a beat starts playing, and he has to freestyle rap using all three words. Then Fallon's in-house band The Roots is given three words to do the same, ending in the ultimate if not also dorkiest rap battle of all time.

The first time Lin-Manuel Miranda did this on Fallon's show, he (duh) stunned everyone with his quick wit and slick rhymes. But the only thing better than Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping on the spot? Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping on the spot about your childhood faves. In the very first round, he was given the words "Robot," "Corn Maze," and — drumroll pleeeease — "Harry Potter. And fam, he did NOT disappoint.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

In case you missed it because you were blown away by the sheer awesomeness of it all, here's how the rap went down:

Once again I’m in a very tricky spot/ I’m going to win the Emmy like Mr Robot/ And I could go for days and days, but yo I’m lost but plenty to eat in this corn maze/ Oh yeah, I’m going above and beyond, I’m Sirius Black I got my magic wand/ and oh yeah, there ain’t nothing you can do to harm us/ Avada Kedavra and Expelliarmus!

BRB, busy trying to wipe my tears of joy off of the keyboard.

This far from Miranda's first foray into the Potter world, of course. He recently spoke with Emma Watson, where the two of them methodically sorted the main characters from Hamilton into their Hogwarts houses.

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And, despite many protestations that Lin-Manuel Miranda is a Hufflepuff, he has said time and again that he self-identifies as a Slytherin. As a proud Slytherpuff who has embraced both sides of myself without question, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, but I'll accept his choice just the same.

In any case, the gods of fandom have smiled upon us on this day. Fingers crossed for Harry Potter to get adapted into a musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who I presume by then will be up for playing the most hilarious and epic version of Snape we have ever seen.

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