"Pray For Busan" Tributes & Memes You Can Share To Show Your Support

While Hurricane Matthew rips its way through the Caribbean toward the East Coast of the United States, Typhoon Chaba hit the South Korean port city of Busan early Wednesday. The typhoon (which is the same type of storm as a hurricane) triggered huge tsunami-like waves, which swept into the city along with high winds and rain.

As of right now, the storm has killed five of Busan's inhabitants, and one person is missing. The storm took a very heavy toll on Busan, its neighboring city Ulsan, and the nearby Jeju Island, and there has been a lot of damage to both buildings and boats that were docked. The Busan International Film Festival, scheduled to start October 6, has been forced to change locations because of major damage to its oceanside facilities.

The city is a major holiday destination, and thousands of people have been stranded in the area because of canceled flights. Much of the area is without power, and it's likely that more people will be found dead or discovered to be missing. Hundreds have already began showing their support on social media, and here are a few suggestions of what you can share if you want to join them in supporting Busan.

Some Are Sharing Tributes To Busan

Others Are Sharing Photos Of The Devastation And Their Prayers

Some Are Leaving Heartfelt Messages

As of this writing, the hashtag #PrayForBusan had appeared in almost 200,000 tweets.