The 'Frequency' Cast Brings Familiar Faces Into The Spotlight

Time can be a funny thing. Not only does it have a nasty habit of going by too quickly, but it's something that we as humans always want to get back. We all wish we had more time. More time to travel. More time with loved ones. It's a big part of what makes our time on this earth so precious. So the idea of being able to change time is both an intriguing and highly dangerous concept, but it's one that the new CW series Frequency will tackle head-on. Made up of an impressive cast of characters, Frequency (similar to the 2000 movie) will focus on a rip in the fabric of space and time as a grown daughter in 2016 realizes that she's able to communicate with her deceased father back when he was still alive in 1996 by using his old radio device.

As you can imagine, the impact of their talks will create quite the "Butterfly Effect," which will be a big part of what sets this whole storyline in motion as time becomes rewritten. (My head is starting to hurt just thinking about all of the possible ramifications.) But before we dive into that complicated world, let's take a closer look at these cast of characters, so you'll know exactly what you're getting into when the series makes its grand debut. Some of these faces should look pretty familiar, by the way...

Raimy Sullivan Played By Peyton List

This NYPD detective will serve as the show's main heroine, who attempts to correct the past and save the future when she inadvertently rewrites history in order to save her father's life. You may recognize her as Cara from The Tomorrow People and Lisa Snart from her brief appearances on The Flash.

Frank Sullivan Played By Riley Smith

Believe it or not, this guy is actually Raimy's dad, who was killed while working undercover back in 1996. Now I know what you're thinking, how is it possible for him to look just as young as his daughter? Don't forget that this interaction is taking place over two decades apart with the 2016 version of Raimy speaking to the 1996 version of her father just before his death. The actor has also guest starred on shows like Nashville and True Blood.

Daniel Lawrence Played By Daniel Bonjour

Daniel is Raimy's present-day fiance, so it'll be interesting to see how their relationship is impacted as history rewrites itself due to Raimy's actions. That kind of thing is bound to put some strain on any romance, right? Some might also recognize the actor from his brief role as Aiden Monroe on The Walking Dead.

Satch Rayna Played By Mekhi Phifer

To make things even more interesting, Satch will serve not only as Frank's former partner, but also Raimy's current boss at her NYPD precinct, which means he may end up pulling double duty by showing up in both the past and the present. Phifer was also part of the Divergent franchise and portrayed Rex Matheson on Torchwood.

Gordo Played By Lenny Jacobson

As Raimy's childhood friend, Gordo will most likely help her figure out how she's receiving these radio transmissions from her deceased father and, perhaps more importantly, how to fix all the changes their interactions have caused. Or, you know, he'll at least be there for a little moral support since I'm sure talking to your dead dad is pretty nerve-racking. Jacobson also starred in Nurse Jackie.

Julie Sullivan Played By Devin Kelley

As Raimy's mother and Frank's widow, this character will be significantly impacted by these changes they cause in the past since it ends up making her disappear. So basically Raimy finds one parent only to lose the other in the process. Kelley's past TV projects include Resurrection, Covert Affairs, and The Chicago Code.

Stan Marano Played By Anthony Ruivivar

As the deputy chief of police back in 1996, Stan was actually the one in charge of the undercover operation that directly resulted in Frank's death. Was it just an unfortunate accident or was he somehow involved? We'll have to wait and see what Raimy and Frank are able to uncover.

Suffice to say, Frequency has managed to roundup a pretty impressive cast for the series. We'll just have to wait and see which of them are able to survive this alteration in time. Manipulating the past is bound to come with a price — something that these characters may end up finding out the hard way.

Images: The CW, Bettina Strauss (4), Liane Hentscher, Kharen Hill, Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW