Is Bite Beauty's Limited-Edition Gold Crème Lip Gloss Sold Out? There's Only One Place To Find It

In the middle of unveiling their holiday collection, Bite Beauty created a new foiled lip gloss. I'm talking shine like you've never seen it before. If you blinked and missed the product, you're not alone. Is the Bite Beauty's Limited-Edition Gold Crème Lip Gloss sold out for good? I have some good and bad news. You won't be able to snag it online, but there is one more option if you're looking to add it to your beauty bag.

Bite Beauty might be known for their multi-sticks, but they're adding something even more sparkly to their collection. The brand create a new lip gloss finish that is jam-packed with gold pearl for a foiled lip look. They launched the product on on Oct. 4, and it sold out in just hours. If this is any indication of how the rest of their holiday collection will look, I have no doubt it will sell out just as fast.

Don't let that news get you down though. According to Bite Beauty's Instagram post, the Gold Crème Lip Gloss will be sold in Sephora stores as well. They hit the shopping locations sometime in the week of Oct. 4. Of course, they will still be limited-edition, but this is definitely good news for makeup lovers.

How gorgeous is that shine! It's not the most conventional lip color, but that didn't stop it from flying off the shelves. The sparkly tube of lip fun will cost you $20, which is the same price as their Opal Lip Gloss.

Bite Beauty Gold Crème Lip Gloss, $22,

Everything from the color to the doe-footed applicator is completely spot-on. Fingers crossed that this is only the beginning of the foiled lip gloss formula, because this product is absolutely stunning. Just look at how awesome it looks on the lips.

Run, don't walk, to your local Sephora, because this gorgeous gloss won't be there for long.

Images: BiteBeauty/Instagram (1), Sephora (1)