There's A 'Gilmore Girls' Snapchat Filter

Not to rub it in or anything, but I had the good fortune of making my way to one of the Gilmore Girls Luke's Diner pop-ups on Wednesday. It was really thanks to a few good friends who were willing to wake up at the crack of dawn in order to get there before work started and the inevitable crowd rushed in. Being that it's not every day that one gets the chance to go to Luke's (or, ever), while I was there I made sure not only to capitalize on the grade A free coffee, but to also take as many pictures of the place as humanly possible. So, if you didn't get the chance to go to the pop up shop and hate me right now, don't fret. There's a method to my madness. I'm going to tell you how to get the Luke's Diner Snapchat filter, because, yes, one exists, and everyone should be able to celebrate the Gilmore Girls 16th anniversary.

Are you ready to cure your saltiness over not being able to go? I promise, you don't need to delete all of your luckier friends off Snapchat and Instagram over a Gilmore Girls promotion. That'd be a very un-Rory-like thing to do of you, after all. No, you see, it's those very friends who are giving you the opportunity to be a part of it. All of us Luke's Diner customers received a cup with a semi-secret (ish?) Snapchat barcode under the sleeve with Luke's logo on it. That barcode, once you scan it, provides you with, you guessed it, the Luke's Diner Snapchat filter. So, before you go and do something crazy with your Gilmore Girls envy, realize that this is actually all about sharing the love.

Trust me, you're going to want this filter because it's going to make you feel like you were there even though you couldn't be. It's positively perfect in all of its understated Luke Danes-inspired glory. It's comprised of a toaster at the center of the bottom of the screen with the Gilmore Girls logo on it and freshly popped toast with a Netflix logo ingrained in the bread. And, on the top left of the screen, is the unassuming, but iconic, Luke's hanging sign in the shape of a cup. The code and filter are available for the 24 hours of the anniversary day.

Are you feeling better now? See! I knew you would. Now, have a cup coffee and Snapchat it with your new Luke's filter. You deserve it.

Image: Caitlyn Callegari/Bustle