Your Luke's Diner Coffee Cup Can Unlock A 'Gilmore Girls' Snapchat Filter

On Wednesday, hundreds of coffee shops transformed into Luke's Diner, the home of many a speedy conversation on the soon returning Gilmore Girls. While fans were prepared for the Oct. 5 event, Diner Day came with a special surprise: a Gilmore Girls snapchat filter you can unlock with a code on the Luke's Diner coffee cups.

If you haven't yet experienced Diner Day, you can check to see if there's a participating coffee shop in your neighborhood. All day, which is also the 16th anniversary of the show's premiere, Gilmore Girls fans have been treated to free coffee in special Luke's cups at various locations across the US and Canada. Some fans, including Bustle's own Mary Grace Garis, even dressed up as their favorite Gilmore Girls characters. Attendees reported very long lines, but many were treated to other special nods to the show, including the "Luke's" sign, baristas wearing a lot more flannel than usual, and even Luke's cranky "no cellphones" sign.

The paper coffee cups, which feature quotes from the show, also include the telltale Snapchat logo, which led inquisitive fans to scan in the code on Snapchat. Rather than leading to a Snapchat channel, the code unlocks a special Gilmore Girls filter, though it includes a warning that it will only be available for an hour after it's scanned — so those with the code should get to snapping. If you weren't lucky enough to get a cup of your own, you can still get the filter if you take a snap of the picture:

Diner Day and the special Snapchat filter are all generating buzz for the Gilmore Girls revival, as if it needed any more attention. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, which will consist of four 90-minute chapters, will air on Netflix on Friday, Nov. 25. In addition to gifting us with free coffee and a snapchat filter on Oct. 5, Netflix debuted a new featurette filled with reminiscences from the cast that will make you feel all of the feelings, and psych you up for the show's return.

While you wait for Nov. 25, there's plenty for eager Gilmore Girls fans to do. You can marathon the show on Netflix, obsess over the previews of the new season, await the first snow, and drink lots of coffee. And, for an hour on Wednesday, you can send snaps from Luke's Diner to all of your friends — even though you'll be technically breaking the no cellphone rule.

Additional reporting by Samantha Rullo & Martha Sorren.

Images: Samantha Rullo/Bustle; Martha Sorren/Bustle