7 Nail Stickers For Lazy Girls Who Just Can’t With Nail Polish

At-home manicures are great... until it comes time to paint your dominant hand. If you're anything like me, you end up with a goopy mess of polish all over your right hand and end up giving up and taking an acetone bath. Thankfully, for those of us who are complete slobs with an OPI brush, nail stickers have our backs.

Nail stickers are faster, easier and way less expensive than a traditional manicure (and don't even get me started on gel). They stick onto your individual nails and last for up to 10 days... which is a lot longer than a regular, three-day manicure. Plus, there's no risk of smudging them, and you'll never have to sit under UV lights while reading an outdated version of US Weekly waiting for them to dry.

To apply the stickers at home, give yourself a basic, DIY manicure with a cuticle pusher and a file to prep your nails. Then, clean them with a nail prep wipe to make sure the surface is pristine so the sticker will stay on. Cut out the sticker, gently peel off the protective backing and place it on your nail. Press the rounded side into the base of your nail, then press outwards to smooth the sticker flat. Finally, trim off any excess material that's hanging off of the side of your nail. ... And that's it. Then, you'll have a pristine manicure complete with geometric shapes and decorations that you probably wouldn't have been able to manage with a polish brush.

Glossique Nail Deco on YouTube

Ready to try it out? Here are seven nail stickers for anyone who is so over dealing with polish.

1. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle, $15, Glossique.com

Whoever thought showing off the geometric nail art trend would be this easy?

2. Total Bombshell

Total Bombshell, $8.99, Incoco.com

They're. So. Sparkly.

3. Truth In Turquoise

Truth in Turquoise, $16, ShopNCLA.com

We've seen the geode lip trend, so now it's time to try it on our nails.

4. Disco Nights

Disco Nights, $15, Glossique.com

This graphic black and white sticker doesn't require creating teeny dots with the head of a pin, which is a serious win.

5. Point Taken

Point Taken, $8.99, Incoco.com

These neutral colors are perfect for fall.

6. Geometriks

Geometriks, $16, ShopNCLA.com

Let's be honest: The only way you'll ever be patient enough to give yourself a manicure where every finger is different is with stickers.

7. Jack Frost

Jack Frost, $15, Glossique.com

It's not even worth trying to achieve this tie-dyed look with polish.

Images: Glossique; Courtesy of Brands