Score A Free Drink Using Dine Dating App, Plus More Dating Sites For Foodies

As a constantly broke New Yorker, the idea of a free anything is always welcome, but if you follow up the word "free" with "drink," I am over the effing moon with excitement. And as someone who has an entire folder on her phone dedicated to dating apps, you better believe that if one offers me free booze, I'll download it without question. So the news that dating app Dine is introducing a new feature called "Dine Pass" that hooks users up with free drinks made me more than a little eager to check it out.

Dine, which launched in March 2016, is a bit non-traditional compared to other dating apps. After you fill out your profile, you choose three places in your city that you'd want to go on a date, then the app shows you two to five potential matches a day and their picks. If you like someone, you can send them a date request for a specific place which, when accepted, opens up a chat between the two of you. Ultimately, Dine focuses on going out to eat at the best restaurants and bars in hopes that users take online dating offline as quickly as possible and form real connections. "We are doing our best to coordinate the first date as much as possible to make it easier for users to get out there and actually date," said Dine app CEO, Keisuke Kamijo. "The biggest issue users face on dating apps is when matches never lead to an actual first date so we introduced Dine Pass to further add some extra support.”

So how do you score a free drink? On the home screen, you'll be shown a selection of first-date-friendly bars and restaurants taking part, and if you send or receive a date request for one of those places, all you have to do is show them the "Dine Pass" screen on the app and voila! — free alcohol to help make the first date go a little more smoothly. The only downside? The feature is currently only available to Premium users in New York City, so you'll need to pay up (and possibly relocate) if you want to take advantage of this sweet deal.

If you're single and follow the "live to eat, not eat to live" mantra, here are five other food-centric dating sites and apps to check out — here's hoping your bellies and hearts are both full and happy.

1. Lettuce Love

Vegetarians and vegans, rejoice! Lettuce Love is a dating app for you to find other non-carnivores to bond with romantically. Though not everyone finds conflicting food habits a dealbreaker, it's still nice to know that there's a place specifically for plant-based eaters to find love. (Plus the name is cute and alliterative, so it gets my vote.)

2. SamePlate

Everyone knows that taking a kickass Instagram of your food is almost as satisfying as actually eating it. SamePlate is a dating site where you don't just post pictures of yourself — you also share photos of your fave foods, which is basically a guaranteed way to start a long, romantic conversation about the real bae: food. Swoon.

3. Gluten Free Singles

If you're one of the many people who've gone gluten-free, this just might be the dating site you need. Although I personally can't imagine the sheer horror of *gasp* not eating bread, it's something that the roughly three million Americans with Celiac disease simply have to deal with. Thankfully, it is possible to find romance sans gluten, and Gluten Free Singles can help you find a partner who'll also understand what it's like to say "no thanks" to those delicious AF Red Lobster cheddar biscuits.

4. Suppr

Suppr shows you yummy places to eat nearby, as well as user reviews of each place. But the social aspect of the app is all about finding someone fun to go with you — regardless of whether there's romance. Sure, it'd be nice if it turned into a date, but sometimes it can be just as rewarding to make a new friend (plus there's no pressure if you spill spaghetti sauce on your white shirt).

Images: Unsplash; Courtesy of Dine; Laken Howard/Bustle (5)