10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate World Water Day on March 22

Man, March is just chock full of healthy holidays, isn’t it? First there was yesterday's International Day of Happiness and tomorrow it’s World Water Day. Time to celebrate — again!

Observed annually on March 22, World Water Day aims to focus attention on the importance of fresh water, as well as advocate for the sustainable management of the world’s fresh water resources. Each World Water Day has a specific theme; this year’s is “Water and Energy,” with the goals being to address the inequities in the water-energy nexus, to kick off new policies for energy security and water sustainability, and to identify best practices that can make a water- and energy-efficient “Green Industry” a reality.

The main celebrations are taking place in Tokyo right now; but if, like us, you are expressly not in Tokyo, don’t worry — there are still plenty of ways to get involved that don’t require international travel. From the do-it-in-seconds type to the plan-for-the-future variety, here are 10 ways to celebrate World Water Day right at home:

1. Watch the World Water Day Webcast.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can still take in the sights of the Tokyo World Water Day celebrations. The UN is livestreaming events from the UNU video portal. Check it out here.

2. Cut Down on Heated Water Use.

Washing machine isn’t full? Don’t run it ‘til it is. Neither is your dishwasher? Same deal. Not muddy enough to justify a 30-minute shower? Keep it under 10 minutes instead. You’ll conserve both water and energy, which ensures a happy environment — not to mention a happy wallet.

3. Screw the Lawn. Get Something Better.

Lawns full of lush, green grass may look beautiful, but they’re one of the worst ways to waste water — especially if you live in a climate where grass doesn’t naturally grow. If you live near the desert, consider ripping out your lawn and replacing it with gravel and a rock garden. If you’ve got the time and money for a major project (and you own your own home), consider planting a rain garden full of native plants to help the ground absorb more rainwater.

4. Start Having Meatless Mondays.

According to Environmental Health Perspectives, animal farming can require as much as 100 times the amount of water required to produce equivalent amounts of protein energy from grains. 100 times! You don’t have to go veggie all day, every day — but one vegetarian day a week can save a boatload of water, as well as reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health overall. Here, let us get you started:

5. Invest in a Soma Water Filter.

Who needs a Brita pitcher when you’ve got a Soma filter? They’re made of glass (no more icky plastic!), and their filters are made entirely from biodegradable materials, including coconut shell and silk, ensuring your filtered water is always fresh and clean-tasting. The best part? A portion of the profits from every Soma carafe sold goes to the non-profit charity: water — and from now through March 22, an extra $5 will go to the non-profit on top of what already gets regularly donated. Everybody wins!

6. Drink Some Coffee.

Three Avocados is a non-profit that donates 100 percent of the money earned from the sale of their coffee to building water projects in Uganda. Four bags of coffee can give one person clean water for life. Find out more at Three Avocados’ website.

7. Find Another Organization to Donate To.

Soma and Three Avocados not doing it for you? There are loads of fantastic organizations you can donate funds or volunteer time to that will definitely make a difference. From Matt Damon’s Water.org to The Water Project, excellent causes are just a Google search away.

8. Check for Leaky Faucets.

Or toilets that won’t stop running, or drippy hoses, and so on and so forth. Usually a few turns of a wrench can solve the problem, and if they can’t? Well, better to know the problem exists and to bring in someone who knows how to fix it than to keep letting all that water drain away unused.

9. Swap Out Your Appliances.

Sure, new appliances aren’t cheap; energy- and water-efficient models, however, will pay off their initial investment and then some in the long run. Look for the EnergyStar stamp of approval to find certified appliances that will save you big bucks, and the world water and energy.

10. Find and Attend an Event in Your Hometown.

The World Water Day website has a pretty exhaustive list of events happening around the globe; there’s even a map so you can see a handy visual representation of where each one is located. From water walks to energy expos, there are plenty of things to see and do.