4 Illuminated Phone Cases For The Perfect Selfie

When you think of a lighted iPhone case, one celebrity selfie professional might come in mind: Kim Kardashian. Thanks to the selfie queen and her love of social media and selfies, one of the first time fans saw a lighted phone case was from the star's infamous photos.

Even though there are several Snapchat filters to make you look #flawless, if you have a lighted phone case, it can do wonders — how else do Kim and Kylie Jenner get their perfect snaps? The cases are illuminated on the side of the front facing camera so that you and your friends can have the perfect glow for all of your photos. However without the light on, the case can look pretty bulky, so it might be a good idea to save the case for special occasions where you know you're going to need the best selfie lighting. The good news is, however, instead of using up your phone battery, the lighted cases run on their own batteries — you just have to remember to charge them!

Lighted cases not only resemble an old school lighted Hollywood-style mirror, but they can also be used as a flashlight. Believe me — the illuminated case will do the trick to provide the best lighting for all of your selfie needs.

Here are lighted phone cases that will give you that perfect Kardashian glow.

1. Ty-Lite Protective Light Case

Ty-Lite Protective Light Case, $49, Amazon

Created by Beyonce's stylist, Ty Hunter, this case not only has lighted sides, but the top provides extra lighting. The case also provides extra protection for your phone.

2. NeatDay Lighted Selfie Phone Case

NeatDay Lighted Selfie Phone Case, $21, Amazon

You can easily turn the lighted cases on with the button on the back of these cases.

3. iPrimo Lighted Selfie Case

iPrimo Lighted Selfie Case, $25, Amazon

With this case, the light has a different speed function where you can turn it on a strobe mode. Dance party selfie!

4. Kimi Illuminated Cell Phone Case

Kimi Illuminated Cell Phone Case, $23, Amazon

Get the Kimi case in black, white, or rose gold. So chic!

Your glowy selfies are about to get lit!

Images: Tylite; Courtesy of Brands (5)