Lady Gaga's 'AHS: Roanoke' Backstory Highlights Her Mortal Side

Everyone has a past. It doesn't matter if you're a demonic creature or a mere mortal because either way you are cursed with a backstory. Something that led to making you the person you are today. And during Wednesday night's episode AHS: Roanoke explained Lady Gaga's character backstory, which helped to explain how to came to reside in Roanoke in the first place. It all started when she was came to American by boat as a stowaway from Britain. Once she was discovered, she was held captive and marked as being a witch since the men thought having a woman onboard was bad luck. (Or some ridiculous superstition to that affect.)

However, her imprisonment didn't last very long. She was able to escape, killing all of the soldiers in the process, and find freedom in the woods. It's there that she became the wood nymph creature we've come to know. It's still unclear how exactly she came to possess the powers that she seems to have and what her overall game plan is, but I'm sure more and more details will surface as the season progresses. Either way, it did kind of help to humanize her a bit. Yes, she definitely has a penchant for killing, but in that particular situation with the soldiers I couldn't really blame her. She was just trying to survive. But the whole human sacrifice belief is another thing entirely.

There's still so much we have yet to know about Gaga's character — like her name for instance. But I am intrigued about her motivations and the fact that despite all of the evil she's participated in, she still seems very much human, especially when it comes to her feelings toward Matt. She obviously cares about him and I still think this could end up resulting in another demon pregnancy, but it also shows that she is capable of love-like emotions. So maybe, just maybe, she's not quite as evil as we initially thought. I suppose only time will tell.