The Biggest Instagram Turnoffs For American Singles, From Selfies To #TBT

Whether it’s both conservatives and liberals exclaiming over young women’s “narcissism” while simultaneously consuming all of their lovely, sometimes scantily clad, selfies or the fact that Essena O’Neill’s departure from the site when she had half a million followers made such a stir, a lot of us love to hate on each other’s Instagram behaviors. But on the other hand, the platform gives one group of people an interesting opportunity to get a sneak peek that they never would have had otherwise: online daters. Unfortunately, though, those same singles are also walking through a minefield of turnoffs on Instagram.

Think about it. What social media platform gives us a better view into people’s lives? Especially since the launch of stories, Instagram gives a great (albeit curated, but all social media is curated) view into what people care about. If you look at my Instagram, for example, you can tell pretty much instantly that I love vintage clothing, bright colors, and, yes, the occasional selfie. If you scroll a little further, you’ll learn that I’ve traveled a lot in the past few years, which would definitely be a good conversation starter on a date. (However, you’ll also learn that I have a long-term boyfriend, so that’s not gonna happen.)

You might also see things you don’t like — selfies probably being at the top of the list — because we can all be hella judgey on Instagram. And you know, I can’t help hearing Taylor Swift singing “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate” in my head as I type this. This isn’t just something I’ve come to after anecdotal experience: I have evidence of how much we let certain types of posts on Insta bug us. Match conducts a survey of 5,500 people (whom they categorize only as “men” and “women”) every year called Singles in America and their 2015 one looked at, among other things, our biggest Instagram turnoffs. Here’s what they found.

The Single Men Are Hating On:

1. Those Hashtags Tho

The biggest turn-offs for self-identified men on Instagram were not, interestingly enough, selfies. (That’s totally what I would have guessed.) Nope, 35 percent of the respondents hating captions that are packed with hashtags.

2. Especially If They’re Trending

But even more than your standard hashtag soup, the dudes are not loving any trending hashtags; twenty-five percent said that their biggest Instagram turnoff was those #TBT, #WCW, and #MCM, folks.

3. Baby Pics

And by this I don’t mean your #TBT baby pics (although, as we’ve established, those are unwelcome too) but rather “pictures of kids and/or babies,” which 24 percent of men surveyed said was a turnoff. Ouch!

4. Anything Inspirational

Apparently 22 percent of guys really hate those inspirational quotes and sayings that are so popular on Insta.

The Single Women Are Hating On:

1. Body Shots

While selfies didn’t even make it on the guy’s list, this is one of three versions that single women apparently hate; forty-five percent of respondents said they can’t stand it when people post “pictures showing off their body.”

2. Those Hashtags

The women are also not into long lists of hashtags, with 41 percent saying it was their biggest Instagram turnoff.

3. Do You Even Lift, Bro?

The workout selfie. Thirty-four percent of female respondents prefer that people would keep “pictures at the gym/working out” to themselves.

4. Trending Hashtags

According to 27 percent of women, trending hashtags are out!

5. Selfie/s!

So we have “pictures of their body,” workout photos, and selfies? Dang, these ladies are harsh! Twenty-six percent of women say selfies are a no-go.

6. Party Pics

Keep that solo cup selfie to yourself, dude; a full quarter of women are not into party pictures on Instagram.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy