Anna Kendrick is Mad About Your Instagrams

Despite appearing in nearly a dozen movies this year and next, Anna Kendrick still manages to make time for what's important: social media. On Twitter and Instagram, the actress posts frequent, funny updates on everything from her feelings about music ("I think how I feel about auto-tune is how girls who actually work out probably feel about Spanx") to her experience on film sets (on a photo of her feet: "Cine-fucking-matic"). There's no question that Kendrick knows how to communicate online, but as for the rest of us? Well, according to Kendrick's four rules of social media, we're doing it all wrong.

In an interview with the business magazine Fast Company, Kendrick discusses her social media prowess (she has 2.4 million Twitter followers and 1.3 million on Instagram), and reveals a few guidelines she believes are crucial for everyone to follow. The rules are pretty straightforward, and make sense; no one really wants to see tweets that #look @something #like @this take up their feed. The question is, though, does Kendrick follow her own advice? Let's take a look.

Rule #1: Two Instagram photos a day, max.

Reason: "I've got a really itchy unfollow button."

Does She Follow It? Typically, yes. Kendrick tends not to Instagram more than a few times per week, but recently, there've been some exceptions. After the Met Ball, she posted three photos of her all dressed up, and on April 23, she Instagrammed another three photos, all of unrelated things. We'll give her some leeway, though, because her posts tend to be a whole lot better than most of food porn/vacation photos that generally take over our feeds. Sample:

AnnaKendrick 47: "So, I eat so much Mac&Cheese that Kraft sent me a fucking solid gold macaroni necklace. Hands down the best swag I've ever gotten. #Pride #ThisIsRealLife

Rule #2: Avoid links, @ and # signs, and quotation marks.

Reason: "It looks like I'm reading fuckin' code."

Does She Follow It? Nope. Recent examples:

Rule #3: Nothing depressing on Twitter.

Reason: "Just say something funny." Instagram is okay, though.

Does She Follow It? Yup, unless you count this as depressing.

Rule #4. Never over-promote.

Reason: "That's one of the things that annoys me most, When my entire time line gets filled up with actors being like, 'Check out my short!' or 'I'm on Craig Ferguson!' It's just bad business."

Does She Follow It: Usually. Kendrick will mention the occasional movie role or non-Superbowl Superbowl commercial, but mostly, she's pretty good at keeping self-promotion off her Twitter. After all, her feeds do all the work for her. Really, Kendrick could break every one of the rules on her list, but as long as jokes like that Ryan Gosling tweet keep coming, we'll be tuning in.

Images: AnnaKendrick47/Instagram