Jade & Tanner's Fights On 'Marriage Boot Camp' Are Intense, But Don't Count Them Out Of Love

I'm a big fan of Jade and Tanner Tolbert. The two met on Bachelor in Paradise and dated only a few weeks on the show before getting engaged. While many would call the timeline of their romance insane, I found it fun. Since getting engaged, the duo have married, bought a house and started a life together. If there was any doubt about their rose-filled reality TV romance, the proof of a strong relationship is in what happened since the show, and they seem so happy together. Following in the footsteps of past married Bachelor alums Trista and Ryan Sutter as well as Sean and Catherine Lowe, Jade and Tanner Tolbert decided to return to TV on Marriage Boot Camp . But, it looks like not everything is smooth sailing.

For example, Us Weekly ran a promo clip of their fighting, and it was seriously intense (you can view it at that link). Tanner called Jade a "lethargic slob" at one point. It is not shocking that Marriage Boot Camp is airing the more scandalous sides of this picture perfect pair. Sean and Catherine Lowe spent their time on the show surrounded by drama as well. Off the show, Sean and Catherine just had a baby and seem to be living their best life. So, while Jade and Tanner may be fighting on the show, I think it's best that everything be taken with many grains of salt.

After all, Jade and Tanner told People that they are happy they went on the show so they could prove they are "normal" and have issues like everyone else. Fighting doesn't necessarily mean you're doomed. Post-show the pair seems pretty happy and healthy — especially if you look at any of their social media pics.

I think whether the drama on Marriage Boot Camp is accurate or not doesn't matter at the end of the day. The real people benefitting from both the good Bachelor publicity, and the messy Marriage Boot Camp publicity, are Jade and Tanner. They are business people promoting their couple brand and get to be in a loving relationship to boot. Like many Bachelor alums, the two make money from their fame and social media buzz. This show could further that, and they don't seem any worse for wear.