Sean & Catherine's Baby Gets A Scary Makeover

The Bachelor family is in the midst of a baby boom at the moment, and one of the latest couples to welcome a child is Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici from Season 17. The pair brought their son, Samuel Thomas Lowe, into the world on July 2, and they've been over the moon about their new family member ever since. They've been sharing photos of their baby on social media already, but the latest one is a bit less sweet and a bit more ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING.

I'll explain.

Us Weekly 's headline about the photo is "Sean Lowe Dresses Up Baby Samuel As Bachelor Host Chris Harrison," so obviously, my hopes were up really high for it. And the photo starts off cute enough. The Instagram shows the baby laying down on a bed, wrapped in what appears to be his father's suit. But then I kept scrolling and found that somehow Lowe had put his hands through the suit jacket and made it look like his baby is some kind of mutant with the hands of a full-grown adult. This is not a comical Little Rascals situation where two kids hide themselves in a trench coat to look like a man; this is just straight-up creepy.

Lowe captioned the post "This week on The Bachelorette ..." which is pretty ominous, because if whatever's happening on The Bachelorette this week has anything to do with this, I'm not sure I wanna watch. (I suggest scrolling slowly so that you get the full, shocking effect.)

I know Lowe and Giudici are just having fun with their kid, but the result is (perhaps unintentionally) spooky. And so I hope that they use this for any and all future family holiday cards they have coming up and scare the crap out of all their friends and family, too. I imagine opening an envelope with this inside would have the same scary result as slowly scrolling past it on a computer.