Why Is Levi Trying To Blackmail Oscar On 'Notorious'? He Could Be Planning To Take Over

Well, things are sure getting interesting on Notorious. I know that many of these procedural-type shows run their “case-of-the-week” parallel to the long-term intrigue, but, in the vein of Scandal, I’m kind of hoping that Notorious abandons it eventually. The weekly cases are fine, but this whole Oscar Keaton thing is holding my interest. At first, Oscar’s best friend and business partner Levi seemed like a good guy, but that was all for naught — we recently learned that Levi was actually catfishing Oscar. Why is Levi looking for Oscar’s secrets on Notorious ?

Oscar’s wife, Sarah, is dead, and their marriage was in trouble long before her murder. Oscar was talking to an online persona named “Sweet Vicki,” and for some reason, Oscar thought it wise to tell this online person that he had never met all of his secrets and deepest fears. Between Julia, Jake, Ella, and Ryan, everyone surmises that not only was it Levi who was Sweet Vicki (who is really a porn star, and people use her likeness all the time for this sort of thing), but it was also Levi who sent that bundle of photos to Julia’s office. I mean, what is Levi’s plan here? The way I see it, his dastardly plans can go a few ways.

My first theory is that Levi was in love with Sarah, and he killed her because he couldn’t have her. He knew she was leaving — Levi was who Sarah was afraid of — and he stopped her because he wanted her to himself. This would explain why Levi sent pictures of Jake and Sarah on the night they slept together — he wants Jake to get in trouble, too. The Oscar secrets were to use against him to get Sarah to leave him for good.

The second is that Levi is sick of playing second fiddle to Oscar’s Internet billionaire persona, and he wanted the money and the acclaim all to himself. The secrets he conned out of Oscar could have been trade secrets for their company — he could claim that Oscar was unhinged and no longer fit to head the company, and that it should fall to him.

We’ll probably have to wait a few more weeks for figure out why Levi is up to good, but I just want to say that I never trusted that guy.

Images: Kelsey McNeal, Adam Taylor/ABC