Pumpkin Spice Marijuana Edibles Exist, Because The Spicening Is Real

If you thought the pumpkin spice fad couldn't get any more pervasive, think again. Behold: Pumpkin spice marijuana edibles. Yes, these are real. No, it is not a joke. We've officially reached peak fall.

Marijuana edibles are increasingly popular among people who want to get high. They're healthier, they're delicious, and thanks to the fact that pot is now legal in several states, there are numerous companies making quality products. "Edibles" doesn't just mean homemade pot brownies anymore.

Enter: Pumpkin Spice chocolate bars from Liquid Gold.

Liquid Gold, which is a line of edibles produced by G FarmaLabs, makes a wide assortment of chocolate bar flavors. Pumpkin Spice is one of their seasonal offerings; it's also currently only available in California, where the company is based.

The company also, happily, posts pretty detailed information about the THC content of their bars, which is good — not every company that produces marijuana edibles does that, and regulating the amount of THC in products has been a problem in states where marijuana products can be legally sold. So in addition to containing milk chocolate plus all the delicious spices you've come to expect from your fall pumpkin products, the bars also contain 35mg of THC per serving. There are six servings per bar.


And, it turns out, the bars have been really popular. They first went on sale in fall of 2014, and they've been back every year since. "The sales for the product have been amazing," G FarmaLabs founder Ata Gonzalez said according to Mic. "We didn't anticipate selling so many for a seasonal product, as it sells as much as our regular line during this time."

So there you have it folks! It turns out that everyone loves pumpkin spice, up to and including stoners. And if you thought the pumpkin spice craze was dying down, think again. Apparently it's only moving into more and more places.

Images: G Farma Labs; Giphy