11 Places To Buy The Perfect Plus Size Jewelry

Accessories can make, break, or totally change the mood of your look. It's hard enough finding stores that have plus size clothing, let alone plus size jewelry that are in keeping with your personal style.

It's not just rings, either: Necklaces, body chains, bracelets more need to be adjusted for a plus size frame. It's a frustrating process finding the right jewelry for an outfit, and what makes it even more infuriating is when your options are limited to the two stores you know that stock your ring size. To make matters worse, fast fashion jewelry isn't always known for standing the test of time, so finding an amazing piece of plus size jewelry doesn't mean it will be last forever.

Knowing a range of stores that cater to your jewelry needs— from $5 costume jewelry to longer fit necklaces that you should invest in — is imperative to making all your plus size accessory dreams come tru. Having a handy list of stores that stock or specialize in plus size jewelry is a necessity for the truly accessory (and fashion) focused. In an ideal world, plus size jewelry collections would be as diverse as their straight size counterparts — until that ideal world is upon us, there are a few plus size brands that will have what you're looking for.

1. Yours Clothing

Gold Multi Chain Long Length Necklace, $12, Yours Clothing

As a plus size specific brand, it only makes sense that British brand Yours Clothing would have a range of plus size jewelry. Not only that, but their collection keeps things contemporary as well as low cost, making it perfect for anyone who likes to change up their accessories often.

2. Full Beauty

Sterling Silver Plus Size Ring, $19, Fullbeauty

Full Beauty is an online plus size marketplace that stocks many brands you may never have heard of. Because of this, their plus size accessory collection is as vast as it is varied.

3. ASOS Curve

Curve Infinity Choker, $4, ASOS

As usual, ASOS Curve is ahead of the game with their plus size collections, including a nice selection of jewelry.

4. Ready To Stare

Convertible Gold Chain Necklace, $45, Ready to Stare

Body positive brand Ready To Stare started as a jewelry brand and while their clothing range is killer, the jewelry selection is still chosen with care and attention to detail.

5. Evans

Silver Rhinestone Bracelet, $18, Evansusa

Another British brand who has made their way into the American market because of their brilliant branding and great stock, including a winning jewelry and accessory range for plus sizes.

6. Shavonne

Two Tone Gold Ring, $15.58, Shavonne

Shavonne not only have a huge array of plus size jewelry, but their stock is cheap and available to buy in bulk, just in case you want to have matching bracelets with all your gal pals.

7. Torrid

Beaded Hand Chain, $17, Torrid

Torrid's jewelry range isn't just brilliant because of price range and selection, but that even as a fast fashion brand, they offer different sizes in their jewelry to show they really have their customers best interests in mind.

8. Harry Fay

Cluster Sterling Silver Ring, $45, Harry Fay

A bit more expensive, but great quality and beautiful, elegant designs that are sure to stay stylish for as long as you have it. They also stock rings up to a size 14 and a half, with half sizings leading all the way up to this size, making it a pretty damn inclusive collection.

9. Emitations

Rose Gold Engagement Ring, $80, Emitations

Or if you have a pretty big price range and want to make a hefty investment into your jewelry collection, Emitations have a beautiful collection available online up to a size 12.

10. Lane Bryant

2 in 1 Beetle Necklace And Pin, $30, Lane Bryant

Why have one item of jewelry when you can have two? Gems like this are the exact reason you should turn to Lane Bryant for your plus size accessory needs.

11. Eloquii

Rounded Collar Necklace, $20, Eloquii

Their selection may be a bit smaller, but all of Eloquii's jewelry range are statement pieces that don't need any more accessories to complete an outfit.

Next time you're planning a look, a gift or simply looking to treat yourself, hopefully this list will serve as a great reference point to find what you're looking for, so you can get back to the business of being plus size and fabulous.

Images: Courtesy Brands