23 Plus Size Designers Who Personally Understand The Plus Size Shopping Struggle

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I think it's no secret that I have a lot of love for indie plus size designers. And it's not just because I am one. Plus-size women have been bombarded with so many negative body image messages over the course of their lives that shopping for garments can be an emotional experience for some.

I think there's something special about being able to empathize with your customers rather than just sympathize. I know that I designed my first plus-size specific item, a '90s-inspired chain belt, because I was wanting to wear one and no one else was making it, especially not in my size. As a trained metalsmith, jewelry designer, and plus-size woman, who better than me to make it happen?

As I researched to make this list, I saw that many of these brands were also born out of similar personal frustrations with the lack of fashionable options for plus-size women. And to clarify, outside of those that I know personally, I looked through bios, press articles, and asked boutique owners and fellow designers, to do my best to confirm that the designers on this list are plus-size.

This is all not to say that non-plus-size designers cannot create amazing clothes for plus-size women: Nakimuli, Rue107, PLY, Neon Moon, and SmartGlamour are just a few of the many brands that fall into that category. But I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the designers and brands that know firsthand how to meet the needs of the plus-size community because they are a part of it.

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